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Hey, what's up everyone? You've hit the page of Armani Wilson. I'm a down to Earth guy, (I've just turned 18, so now I'm an adult! YAY!) who loves to meet new people and try new things. I'm not really into drama, and do whatever it takes to not associate myself with people who have it. This is because life is too short to deal with petty bullshit! We only have one life, and we have to do what we love while we're living it. That is why I game. Gaming is a big aspect in my life. It takes me out of the aspect of regular life and society, and throws me into a whole new world where I can be myself. I can say how much I love games, and how much I can't wait until (insert name of game here) comes out! Its great! Family life is a big focus too! I have two sisters and I love them to death! One is going to college and one is in the process of joining the Air Force! I love family, games and friends! If you want to know more, or game, drop me a line! I don't bite. Hahaha. Add my tag, or psn. Maybe we can play together sometime once I get another system to play with you guys. :) Bye!