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Best and worst FF protagonists design

It's fashion time, mofos! Neogaf has a thread discussing the best and worst designed FF characters. Now most the people there seem to be morons without taste, not to mention dyslexic since a lot of the suggestions are party members, n...


Save some money in the European, Australian 3DS eShop

Hopefully this isnít going to get buried in the current spam-alanche. I donít know how it is for people in North America, but in Europe you can change your region on your 3DS. Doing that will change the currency used in the eShop. So hereís...


Dtoid gifs!

So, yeah. During the last few months I've made some gifs and pics of various Dtoid staff. I thought I might as well put them up somewhere, so why not here. Now this is just for laughs, but if any editors featured here don't like it, I'll...


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