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So I just finished Portal 2 earlier this morning....


I got Portal 2 yesterday afternoon, played the single player, and finished it earlier this morning. This game is one of the best games I have played so far this year. I was expecting it to be like its predecessor, but it exceeded my expectations. The puzzles were psychologically intensifying than the first one that it made me take 10 to 15 minutes break after 3 to 5 puzzles. The story and the dialogue were so emotionally enjoyable that there were times that I felt terrified, happy, and sad. This game is literally full of "surprises", and Valve wasn't kidding about why those 13 games were called "the potato sack" ( just play the game to find out why.) As for the voice acting, Ellen Maclain and Stephen Merchant performances as GLaDOS and Wheatley respectively, were undeniably excellent. The emotions, humor ,and sarcasm were a perfect match to the games atmosphere that it felt like I was playing a kid's version of the first Bioshock. Overall, personally, this is the best platformer I have ever played this year, and I don't think any other game can top it. Personally for now, this is my game of the year.
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