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10 things you didn't know about apolii90

I decided to partake in the nostalgic idea that I'd give you 10 unknown facts about me, I wasn't around at the time to do so. Its a dandy way to share information and get to know all of you wonderful people, here we go!

1. I play guitar and wanted to be in a band
- Yes I've played the guitar for about six years now, but it doesn't mean I'm any good. Self taught in the ways of the six-string, and still choppy and awkward! It looks exactly like the guitar from Back to the Future but instead of a black pick guard its white. Back in high school my friends and I really wanted to start a hardcore/metal band, as I recall it was called "Lawngnome Cult". Honestly I don't know where the name came from, but I was going to be the one that hates his throat and scream. I actually got good at it (if thats an accomplishment?) but nothing ever came of it and now I have this scratchy singing voice

2. I do impersonations
- Over the many years of my life, I have worked my voice muscles and started doing impersonations. I'd be watching a movie or show and try to match the voice on screen. the list includes all the Dethklock members, Batman, the Joker, Cathrine Hepburn, Kermit the Frog, and some Avenue Q characters. Honestly its a great icebreaker to go up to people I'm just getting to know and they love the Little Nicky voice.

3. I've tasted time and space
- I dont recommend it, sugary, a chemical burn, and leaves you with Burger King munchies. So how it all came about was, a friend and I in high school thought it would be a great idea that lets get a bunch of energy drinks and mix them together! NO, its not a good idea. so we walked to a gas station right by his house and proceeded to get, Nos, Monster, Amp, Bawls (original), Kronik, and Rockstar. ok I'm sure right now you're thinking, dear god... why and thats what a normal sensible person would do but we drank it. This thing was cheekily named "Suicide", it was a manage of fake greens and pinks and oranges. We drank it all and whatever was left in the cans, and proceeded outside. When I was walking time slowed down and I could see all the light particles moving like when you hit hyperdrive, I could hear my heart crying and screaming in a James Mason voice. anyway we call a friend to drive us to Burger king because obviously we got the munchies from the devil piss we just drank and it had the happy ending of our hearts didn't explode and organs didn't melt. A perfect way to describe it is with this.

4. I work as a social worker
- My Job is sort of like Mr. Holmes in which I take care of a mental handicap person, namely my brother. he has Hyperlexia which means its high functioning autism. I work for the lovely(?) state of Iowa and always love telling people I work for the government with such a stone face, oooh the faces they make. The job entails that with me working with my brother one day he will live on his own and be a "socially functioning person". Shopping, when an emergency happens, working at a job someday etc.

5. Most of my injures in my life have came from concerts
- Now I'm not much for fighting and getting all rough with people. Being reserved and shy most of the time you don't really expect me to be so rambunctious in a pit but I am. i've bruised my ribs, gotten head butted in the gut, bloody nose, almost broken a couple bones. These were all sustained at local shows and as I got older I knew how to move and sway in a mob of people. My favorite moment so far has to be at a Suicide silence concert and we did a "Wall of Death". If you are not versed in the arts of neanderthalian acts well you split the crowd in two (we had about 2 1/2 stage crowds worth of people mind you) and at the singers call you ran at each other. Now I didn't get hurt but I close lined a kid in some scene kid hottopic shirt.

6. The sea is a world of nightmares
- The oceans and seas scare the shit out of me for many reasons, one mainly the organisms that inhabit it. Something called a "Stareater fish" and not to mention the thankfully extinct Megaladon that was a shark bigger than a bus. The Pistol Shrimp that frankly no animal should have a gun type as part of its name, I'll stick to Red Pandas and Cardinals. I always feel I'm doing the world a solid for eating fish or any animal of the sea, God really messed up the day he made the ocean which is a good segway for....

7. I don't know how to swim
- I mean thats really it, see examples up there, a sea of abominations it is.

8. Im not religious but...
- I like the art in religions, specifically christian and Hindu paintings. I was always so impressed with the detail in the figures in late christian paintings and the colors of the hindu art. I own a couple book on Byzantine to Renaissance era paintings. I do wish I had more on Hindu art but all I really own are a couple art history books I got from college classes.

9. I believe in the supernatural
- Mostly ghosts and spirits, good and bad. I've had some nasty experiences with bad spirits but Im usually around well meaning ones. I'm sure some of you will roll your eyes and chortle that ghosts aren't real but they are to me dammit!

10. I'm a big hockey fan
- Now being from Iowa, I have two choices really for home teams. Minnesota wilds and the Chicago Blackhawks. the Blackhawks just kinda stuck, I actually got more games of theirs than minnesota so theres that. Im surprised Hockey isn't bigger in the the U.S. its guys going high speeds on death blades hitting each other and launching rubber bullets at 150 mph, its great!

hmm well that is it guys! that was harder than I thought it was going to be..
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