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Damn you, PS3 Controllers...

So after picking up LBP yesterday I decided to sit down and give it a try. After a few minutes one of the kids came out and picked up the second controller and started playing. About 20 minutes later the first controller dies (I don't even remember the last time I charged it) and without a 3rd controller sitting around I need to get this sucker charged. The way my living room works, the couch is 'floating' in the middle of the room so I can't keep an arbitrary charger around. Underneath my my couch sits my Macbook Pro. "Great!" I think, I'll just plug the USB cord into that and go for it. No-go, I had to open my MBP to make it work and that just wouldn't work in this scenario with the kids around. I start looking around. My only real options were in the entertainment cabinet. The PS3 has 3 available USB ports, the 360 Has 3 and the Wii has 2 (super PITA with them in the rear) great - except they are all waaay farther away than my longest USB cord. At this point I surrender to the PS3 controller and decide to just charge them and play later.

At this point the system is turned off - I plug in the controller into the PS3. Nothing (I knew this but it was worth seeing if some power fairy was going to charge it anyways). I plug the controller into the 360 (A PS3 controller plugged into a PS3? Sacrilege!) and got, again, nothing. I realize my DirecTV DVR has a USB port on it, plug it in and EUREKA we have power. Looking around I see my Wii flashing (new firmware update that I DO NOT want to install) reach around and it also charges without being on (although with the flashing and the heat coming from it I believe it IS running now).

Yeah, batteries in the Wii and 360 can be a pain to change but it at least allows you to continue to play if available. On the other hand I like never having to buy batteries for the PS3 controllers - I just wish there was some 3rd option to charge my controllers WHILE they are in their drawer. Maybe I'l just have to suck it up and buy that Nyko chargestation thingie or whatever.

On the other hand of all this I had a chance to read up more on LBP and look forward to a few more hours of it today!
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