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Bosses That Roam The Level

This is a good idea. The podcast mentions this great hate for the classic boss level wherein the boss is waiting at the end of the level within a closed-space arena. While I really have no intense hate for it, I also like his suggestion: bo...


Do We Need Annoying Small Enemies?

Continuing on that podcast, they mention this: "Games should never include small scuttling enemies that walk across the floor or hover above your head and are really hard to hit and are annoying." First, I have no problem with small enemi...


Zombie Fields

I started this game out as a learning experience in using Unity, then it was pushed aside as a side project. When I got hired, my employer looked at it and saw it as a viable commercial product. I agreed to give it to the company, and now...


Death Zone Zero: New Unit "Doc"

The Doc is your post-apocalyptic healing unit. He can heal a large amount of health to one organic ally unit. The problem is he has no combat training so he can't attack. Still to come: The Doc's support ability, Steroids, which enhances a...


Death Zone Zero: New Unit "Gunslinger"

The Gunslinger is like your standard ranged-attack unit, except that he really shines in indoor maps where there are lots of walls, because his shots ricochet off them. This also means you can attack units hiding behind cover, while being b...


Introducing: Death Zone Zero

So I thought I'd use this to promote my indie game, Death Zone Zero. About the Game Death Zone Zero is a 3d turn-based strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Roam the Death Zones and lead your band of mercenaries to victory ag...


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