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Rekindling the anticipation for KOF XII


After reading the recent SNK PLAYMORE articles. I thought about my interest level in fighting games. I came of with this personal list after much thought.


<Anticipated Fighting games list by ranking (For console release)>

Must Buy! - BlazBlue, Soul Calibur 4, SF4, Tekken 6

Hyped! - BattleFantasia, (eventual) VF6

Interested but not sold - KOFXII

No anticipation... - MK vs DC.


I loved KOF 98-99. Enjoyed 2k. However, 2001 and 2002 killed the KOF interest in me.

Many of the new character designs and all character illustrations in the games were pretty awful. As with the messy unpolished feel of the game's set up (not the actual fighting mechanics, I'm not hardcore enough to have much of a say there). It seemed like they had no clue what they actually wanted to do.

In my heart, I always blamed it on Playmore. They ruined KOF for me and made Metal Slug 4 a backward step from Metal Slug 3. I'm not sure if my blame is misdirected but I wasn't happy with what happened to those series after the jump.

To be fair, I haven't played a KOF game since 2002. And am not sure if they finally got everything down to the level of other fighting games. I just didn't care for the series enough .

Hopefully XII will rekindle my heart for KOF, and deliver as much as every other AAA fighting game, if not more. But I remain skeptical if the game can deliver as a whole.

-I have a couple questions for other KOF fans.

Did I miss out on any superb KOF in the years of 2003-2007? If so which would you recommend?

Is Playmore really to blame or am I just being unreasonable?

And how would you rank KOFXII in your fighting game anticipation list?
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