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In GTAIV you will probably hear about WEASEL NEWS. The sensationalist news broadcast station that is oddly familiar to some thing in real life. Something... Hmmm.... Fox News? I guess it was probably too obvious... [EDIT] Oka...


Moe + Pokemon = Moemon ?

This is a pretty old video so maybe I'm setting myself up for a FAILblog... But I just saw this and thought it was cute as HELL! Of course if the story ends here I wouldn't have a reason to post this. This video is from an actual patch...


American Anticitizen One

American citizen? Good. I got some good news and some bad news. Bad news: We are fucked. Good news: We've been fucked for decades so it doesn't really matter. After the American News media portrayed gaming through a uninformed and ...


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Charles Choi

I'm a game addicted insomniac that rules the night!

I don't have a particular favorite genre and would play any as long as its superb. However I do lack interest in most athletic genres besides Snowboarding and Skateboarding.

Currently playing:

PC - Hellgate: London, Audiosurf, Bioshock

Playstation 3 (PSN:Animateria) - Burnout Paradise, Rock Band, Metal Gear Online, Grand Theft Auto IV, Tekken 5 DR, Street Fighter 3 (PS2 Anthology Collection), echocrome

Playstation Portable - Patapon, Crisis Core, Wipeout Fusion, Street Fighter Alpha MAX

Nintendo DS - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, The World Ends With You

- Wishlist -

Trying to collect some Fighting games instead of mooching off my friends or emulation. I currently need a copy of Guilty Gear, and Virtua Fighter.

Hori Real Arcade Pro 3

Many other games I won't particularly state. (Why did I write this then?)

Also available at my personal site pixel-junkie.net
(if I can get the site to work anyways)