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Dtoid Game: First Coded Class

For you coders out there, actionscript class of the triangles that the player will be able to build on. If you DON'T GIVE A FUCK, check out the Concept Sketches and Ideas instead. package{ class GridTriangle{ var accelX:int; //Ho...


Dtoid Game - Tower Defense It Is

Neonie Wins! So it turns out HawtPawkitHero's gonna bring you guys a side-scrolling shooter. Wedge has got the beat 'em ups down. So I guess Neonie wins. I'll be starting work on this shit when I get home. (Also shitty two-minu...


DToid Game, your thoughts?

So, I'm thinking, Cancun.. That'd be pretty sweet ass. But how should I try and show my appreciation and worship of the green robot we all know and love? Well make him a video game. But I figure Destructoid's pretty damn communi...


Manic Gamer Ep. 3

Fuckin love this guy. Episode 3's up, although in my opinion not as good as the first two, but keep in mind when I say that, that's like saying, y'know, this free barrel of gold just isn't quite as good as the two free barrels of diamonds y...


Broken Consoles: The Song

Now I don't like doing blogs where I only put up a video, but I thought this one was worth it. Actual song doesn't start until 4:30, but I found the lead up to it a rather solid vocalizing of the fucking frustration when that shit just does...


Shaaaaaaarks! ARE JAWESOME!

So Atlas had a BRILLIANT idea. Also a big thanks to Hamza for posing for the pictures. ^For version with hat and monocle, see comments^ Crappy Paint ones are mine. Photoshop is ShadeWithin's. Gore is 13thDragon's Idea, totally Atlas'...


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