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Pew! Pew! Strategizing with lazars! Battleships Forever!

A spiritual successor to the lovely Warning Forever which I blogged about earlier, ladies, gents and robots, I suggest you play:

Battleships Forever


So let's cut to the chase, you may think Battleships Forever is the same sorta thing you got with Warning Forever. You may think this because the visuals are damn near identical to the ever sexy (at least in my opinion) visuals in Warning Forever. However the games play nothing alike.
Battleships Forever offers a very interesting real-time strategy offering without any of the resource gathering normally associated with the genre. Instead the game focuses on micro-managing the movement and positioning of ships, the targets for their various guns, and their shielding capabilities. You also shouldn't expect to be managing a ton of units onscreen at once, but that not to say the game is boring. Oh no, far from it, like I said there's plenty to micromanage. At least for my sub-par micro.

Now if you would please be so kind as to break out the Kevlar, we got bullet points inbound:

-You command spaceships
-These spaceships have nifty offensive abilities
-These spaceships have even more nifty defensive abilities
-You have enemies that need killing
-If you don't successfully micro-manage you'll probably fail
-If you don't position your ships well you'll probably fail

-Sweet visuals (At least I dig 'em)
-Solid gameplay
-Develop your own custom ships
-Ships get broken apart in pieces so ships become less effective as they take damage
-It's free

-No multiplayer
-It's still in beta

Also, Cocks

All images courtesy of the E-Studios Forums
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