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Pew! Pew! Excellent Shmup

Ladies and gentlemen of the community blogging jury may I present to you:

Warning Forever

Warning forever is perhaps one of the most interesting top down shoot-em-ups I have ever played both in terms of visuals and gameplay. However I don't tend to play an overly large number of shoot-em-ups so you can take everything I say from here on in with a salt shaker.

That being said:

Now let's get to the nitty gritty, the game is essentially a never-ending series of increasingly difficult and intricate boss fights, which will leave that warning you hear before every boss fight ringing in your ears forever. Hence the title, Warning Forever.
I don't really need to talk about the games vectorish visuals too much considering that's what the screenshots are for, because y'know art and style and all that people tend to have differing opinions, so make up your own mind, but personally I love 'em.
The game controls with the arrow keys and three buttons from the left-handish side of the keyboard. Arrow keys moving your ship around, one button being fire, the other button being one you hold down to slow down your ships movement and the other other button being used to allow for the adjustment of your ship's firing spread and direction. This is perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the game, the ability to change the spread and direction of your ships machinegun-esque firing, when you're not firing and have activated the other other button an outline of your ship's firing spread and direction will show up onscreen and change as you move your ship around. In order to move your ship around without changing the spread or direction in which it fires you simply have to hold down the fire button, which is no big because the game provides you with an infinite supply of ammo to take down that nasty boss bastard you're up against.
The final interesting point in this game is that the way the boss appears and behaves will change depending on what direction you killed the previous boss from and possibly some other variables I'm not entirely familiar with.

Enough blather, to the bullet points batman!

-You are a ship
-You have a gun
-You have infinite ammo
-You can change the spread and direction of your fire
-You are presented with a never-ending stream of bosses
-Your mission: Kick their collective asses

-A large variety of game modes to choose from
-Depending on your taste, very lovely visuals
-Excellent replayability due to the variety of bosses you'll come up against
-Simple easy to use controls
-Large variety of boss weapons, projectiles and firing patterns to avoid
-Some truly epic bosses
-Timed battles give you a sense of urgency
-Bosses can be killed and broken down in pieces

-Only certain keys on the keyboard can be set to control the ships spread, movement and firing.
-Only one weapon for player use
-No real powerups etc.
-Bosses eventually reach sizes so massive in proportion it's damn near impossible not to crash into them and die

All images courtesy of the official Warning Forever site
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