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Most Excellent Free Flash Platformer

Fancy Pants Adventures


Fancy Pants is a free flash based platformer with excellent flow and beautiful hand-crafted graphics. Although graphics in this case doesn't seem like a very fitting term, perhaps beautiful hand-crafted art. The sound is also fairly solid and does the trick quite nicely.
However what I must truly emphasize in this game is the flow, the animations in it just look beautiful, although there can be some choppy moments when the animations don't flow together as smoothly, when you see this thing in motion it can simply be a thing of beauty. The timing between jumps and ramps just seems, to me at least, truly natural and intuitive.
Perhaps I'm too young to truly appreciate them, being a mere 18 years of age, but to me, the enjoyment I get from Sonic and Mario's 2D platforming just can't even begin to compare with the sheer amount of pleasure I get from playing this painfully short title over and over again.
Now for the bullet points, 'cause if you wanted a ton of horridly long wordy text you'd play a japanese turn-based rpg.

-You play a character with pants
-His pants are fancy
-You can change the color of these pants
-In these pants you inexplicably move about a game world
-You kill spiders
-You collect spirals
-You fight a very confused boss penguin
-You move with the arrow keys
-You jump with the 's' button
-You accelerate quickly when running
-You can press down to roll into and kill your enemies
-Enemies can also be killed by being hopped upon Mario-style
-Collect a 100 spirals for an extra life

-Excellent flow and level design
-Beautiful art direction
-Excellent animation
-Happy background music
-It's free
-It's playable in your browser anywhere

-It's short
-Very rare choppy animation

*I are serious blogger, this are serious note:
The actual Fancy Pants game is not actually as choppy as the video I embedded.


-I am a blogging machine tonight.
-If you can't get enough Fancy Pants try the Demo for World 2 while you wait for the full World 2 to come out.
-Fancy Pants and other lovely little flash games like it are hosted on Kongregate.com, and excellent and fully cohesive flash gaming site that I highly recommend you join and visit regularly if you're even remotely fond of flash games.
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