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Free Combat Game For The Meticulous? Meet Toribash

Are you a nitpicker? Do you like to micromanage? Like really like to micromanage? Do you also like kicking ass?

Please welcome:


Toribash is an interesting fighting game where your player is basically a very sophisticated puppet and your job is to pull his little strings so that he maneuvers in the most ass kicking fashion possible.
As brutally demonstrated in the embedded video you can pull off some pretty fancy tricks with this little system. The intricate system the game runs on goes a lil' something like this, your player is divided up into a series of balls and sticks, the balls are essentially muscle groups that can either be contracted, extended, held or relaxed with the sticks naturally maneuvering around these muscle balls the way you expect them to. So obviously this would be horribly painful to play in real time, so combat is broken down into a bunch of turns in which you adjust the states of your muscle groups and then at the end of the turn your lil' ragdoll animates for a second or two based on how you set him up.

Now since it is rumored that excessive text can cause both cancer and aids, I bring you the shit you want, bullet points:

-You have a ragdoll
-Your opponent has a ragdoll
-You control the action of the muscle groups of your ragdoll
-At the end of a turn your ragdoll and your opponent's ragdoll move according to how their muscle groups have been set up
-Your objective: Crush the enemy any way possible

-Solid online community
-Online multiplayer
-Mod support
-Customizable characters
-Solid visuals
-Excellent physics
-Solid tutorial
-Extensive control over in-game action
-It's free

-Very complicated
-When extending or contracting muscles often it's far more force than you want
-Confusing setup and game rules menus
-Very floaty gravity

All images and video taken from the Official Toribash Site.
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