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Excellent Platforming Battles

For all those of you who wondered what would happen if mario could jump on himself, I bring you...

Super Mario War


Image courtesy of malavida.com

Now with final exams being done, at long freaking last. I finally got some time to sit down and play around with a newer version of this neat little game I used to play with my siblings. The game is essentially 2 - 4 multi-colored marios (or mario, luigi, wario and waluigi if you prefer) running around levels done up in classic mario style, trying to jump on each others heads.
But the developers have made it so much more since last I saw it. They've got a bunch of game modes, new maps, more options, items. It's brilliant, it's free, give it a try.

Image courtesy of Super Mario War's official site

-There are marios
-2-4 of them
-They are different colors
-They compete
-There's deathmatch
-There's king of the hill
-There's races
-There's coin collecting
-There's capture the flag
-There's a hunging mode (you squish goombas and co.)
-There's egg collection (bring yoshi his eggs)
-There's tag
-There's hot potatoe (last person tagged with black star dies after 30 seconds)
-There's domination
-There's survival (constant falling whomps)
-There's chicken
-First kill means you're chicken
-Kill the chicken to become the chicken
-Chicken earns points over time
-There's also a whole bunch of other deathmatch variations
-You can pickup items (Fire flowers, 1Ups, hammers, feathers etc.)

Image courtesy of badpopcorn.com

-Four people can play on one computer
-The graphics and sounds will make you nostalgic
-It's free
-It has a level editor (First one to make Mr. Destructoid wins)
-Skinnable (First one to make Mr. Destructoid also wins)
-A metric fuckton of game modes
-AI support
-Lots of items
-Tight controls
-It's easy to pickup, difficult to master
-It's mario goddamnit

Image courtesy of xbox-scene.com

-It's got no online support
-Yeah that's pretty much all I'm getting.

And video time:
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