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Excellent Free Platformer You May Not Have Played

So, this is my first blog post, but you don't give a fuck and I don't give a fuck, so let's get to it shall we?

An excellent free platformer you may not have played: Trackmania Nations.

Now I know what you're thinking, or could be thinking maybe, (ya that's right, I'm psychic bitches), "angusm, what the shit? That's a car dude, you can't platform with a car!" But au contraire mon frere, you can, because the game gives you science defying breaking IN THE AIR, and a bunch of madness inducing track set pieces.


So go download it, you can download that shit LEGALLY right HURR .
(I can't believe I used the word 'hurr')

Anyways so let's break the game down quicklike for you hyperactive ADD motherfuckers who can't wait for the text to end. Bring on the bulletpoints:

-You're given a car
-All you need to play are the arrow keys
-Controllers and Wheels are also supported for those of you digging the analog steering
-You have to try and race through tracks filled with jumps, loop de loops, corkscrews, half-pipes and all manner of disorienting track set pieces.
-If you fall off an elevated track and can't get back on it you reset yourself to the last checkpoint.
-Fastest person to complete the track and pass through all the checkpoints wins.

-It's free
-It gives you a great sense of speed
-Solid visuals on the higher settings, with lower settings for lower end PCs
-It goes online
-It can also be played offline
-Excellent platforming potential
-Easy to use level editor with more depth than is immediately apparant
-When going online you can choose your nationality and earn points for your country
-No collision detection means no assholes messing up your jumps mid-air.
-Sometimes you can cheat by jumping over track pieces provided you don't miss checkpoints.

-No collision detection means you can't be an asshole and mess up people's jumps.
-If you're looking for realistic racing physics look elsewhere.
-Some of the tracks you'll find online can be incredibly difficult.
-Some of the more difficult tracks can lead to incredible frustration.

If people dig this I could see myself getting a teamspeak or ventrilo server up and havin a game night for it once a week. Not on fridays though, fridays are reserved for my Team Fortress 2 time.

Official site at http://www.trackmanianations.com[b]
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