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Excellent Free Fighting Game Under 100KB!

Sumotori Dreams

EDIT: In the comments I said I'd take this post down cause it was on Destructoid already, I changed my mind, people have redone a bunch of stuff that's already been on Destructoid before and if I missed it on official DToid others might have too. So whatever I'm puttin it back up.

They're blocky, they're wobbly and yes they seem drunk as hell.
Get Sumotori Dreams Here

I would like to invite you to enter the world that blurs the delicate line between poorly engineered sumo-wrestling robots and heavily intoxicated and poorly executed barfights. So if you would please meet the most lovely little game under 100kB that you will ever have the opportunity to encounter. At least that's what I think, and well let's be honest, that's all that really matters isn't it?
This lovely little game is quite marvelous from a technical standpoint due to its incredibly small size, solidly robust physics, self-righting artificial intelligence and a brilliant little nudge system that controls all the in-game action. The whole game operates on the principle that the characters in the game will always try to move in such a way so that they keep their incompetent asses upright. When you move them with the keys all you're really doing is pushing them in that direction and setting them off balance. However you gotta be careful not too offset them too much or their clumsy asses will fall over the place, and then some.
So shall we get to the shit that really hurts when propelled at high velocity, yes ladies and gentleman that's right, you won't need your ritalin for this one, it's the bullet points motherfuckers.

-Two sumo-wrestling robots/drunks enter the ring
-Your player will always try to stay upright
-You nudge your player where you want him to go
-Winner is the last one still upright and in the ring

-Incredibly small file size for a game of this complexity
-Can be funny as hell, see the bottom video (DISCLAIMER: You may not share my sense of humor. Two people with different tastes?! Shocking, but true)
-Totally dynamic, it will never really be the same fight twice
-Two people can play on the same keyboard
-Even the menu is solidly entertaining (TAKE THAT YOU MENU ITEM!)
-Nearby arena boards break when silly players fall on them
-Look, they drink!
-It's free

-I cannot overstress how truly clumsy these little ragdolls are, this can seriously frustrate some people.
-Matches can be very short.
-Only one environment.
-No Online
-Depending on the settings can be laggy on some machines

And to wrap it up nicely, drunken stumbling block dudes with dialogue!

Also, kiss me I'm shitfaced. :D
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