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Excellent Free Block Based Tower Toppling

Let's cut to the chase shall we...

Block-destroying CTF Action


Toblo is an interesting little capture-the-flag-style game played in a colorful world that consists pretty much entirely of blocks. The game entirely revolves around your interaction with these blocks.
There's three kinds of blocks, your basic boring block, your exploding bomb block and the ever-so-difficult-to-attain flag block. You can pickup your basic blocks and store them to be used as ammo that can then be shot and fired, this is much the same with the bomb block, except when you fire the bomb block it explodes, duh. The main goal of the game those is to capture the enemies flag block and return it to your scoring post.
Oh, and the game plays largely like a simplified third-person shooter, y'know in case you were wondering.
That's pretty much it, it's simple, it looks nice but it's also a blast to play.

And with that we jump to the bullet points.

-You are either an angel-esque or devil-like character
-You can pickup blocks
-You can shoot these blocks
-These blocks kill
-You have (a) flag(s)
-Your opponents have (a) flag(s)
-Your goal: capture and return your opponents' flag(s)

-Excellent visuals
-Fast and fun gameplay
-Simple and easy to pickup
-Fun audio
-It's free
-It's destructive
-It's under 30MB

-There's not that many maps
-It's simplicity can tend to wear if you plan on playing for more than an hour at a time

A lil' gameplay footage if you please:
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