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Excellent 2D Indie Shooter You May Not Have Played


Combat Pillows is an excellent 2D top-down indie shooter you may not have had the opportunity to be exposed to. Let's get to the bullet points shall we, because you know, short attention spans with all us gamers.
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Official Site

-It's topdown
-You play as a pillow that has come to life
-You have a pistol
-You can pickup more powerful weapons
-You move in four directions
-You have a button to shoot
-You have a button to switch weapons
-You kill other pillows
-Parts of the levels are interactive

-The art in this thing is phenomenal
-The pillows die lovely bloody deaths
-They're pillows they bleed and kill and it doesn't make any sense but I personally love it
-You can play it on LAN
-You can play it single player
-You can play multiplayer on one keyboard
-It's very twitch based
-Controls are incredibly responsive
-Very small file size
-The trial offers alot
-Very low system requirements
-Brilliant in its simplicity

-It cost 15$ for the full version
-I can no longer find you the four excellent add-on maps that once were available
-No online play
-I said it was excellent, how much bad were you expecting?
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