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DToid Game, your thoughts?

So, I'm thinking, Cancun.. That'd be pretty sweet ass.
But how should I try and show my appreciation and worship of the green robot we all know and love?
Well make him a video game.

But I figure Destructoid's pretty damn community oriented, so, I want your input before I do anything. So I'll keep you guys updated every step of the way, as I try to do this shit before the deadline. (I'll keep working on it after the contest regardless, y'know, gotta make the finished product something solid. Gotta do you bastards proud.)
I'm going to be making this shit in flash, so, we can go with one of the following genres:
- Platformer
- Puzzle game
- Top down arena shooter
- Shmup
- Beat 'em up
...or if you really want, I could try like an RPG-Lite on crack, or a Tower Defense...

Also, any ideas you guys got that you think I should include?

Current votes:
- Beat 'em up 4
- Tower Defense 3
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