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DToid Game - Tower Defense or Beat 'Em Up?

Voting will end Wednesday midnight, and then the work will commence!

So earlier I made a post about my intent to make a Destructoid themed video game, with (hopefully) heavy input from the community.
So I asked you guys about what genre the game should be, and well it's been really close between Beat 'Em Up and Tower Defense and not that many people have voted.
So I ask you, what you think it should be?

Beat 'em up or Tower Defense?

In the case of beat 'em up I'd probably do something along these lines:
Arrow Keys to move.
Hold left shift to run.
S, D, F, W, E and R will be buttons for six slots, different moves which you can [i]find/earn/unlock would go in these slots.
C would bring up your inventory, (items for clothing/weapons/etc.)
V would bring up your skill menu, and allow you to switch the moves in the slots.
In game currency would revolve around comments.
Sample moves/items being:
Drink: Restores health, various levels, something like: pint, pitcher and keg
Ray Gun: Pew pew pew
Bombs: bomberman
Spam blogging: Rapid fire blog pages that immediately combust due to flaming
Rick Roll: Rick Atsley, you roll him into people
Double Post: % Chance to do a double attack
Repost: Increase in comment count for kill
Also, cocks: % Chance a rooster will come help you fight for awhile after every attack.

As far as what I'd do for Tower Defense, well I'm not sure yet, it wasn't really winning when I started brainstorming...

Sample enemies for either game would be along the lines of: Wiisucks, Noob posters ("GOD TOL ME 2 POST1!" credit: Brecksher), Trolls, DMCA problems, cursed PS3s, Red Rings ...
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