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Dtoid Game: Some Concepts, Your Thoughts?


So I quickly through these together, while listning to I KILL PXLS's "Drugs in my body" on loop. So my mind's been in a bit of an altered states, so some of these concepts may just be plain stupid.

So here's some concept images for the Tower Defense game.
I figured I'd try and do some things to switch up the tower defense genre a little bit.

For starters I thought I'd try a semi-circular map, allowing for the enemies to come from various angles. Enemy spawn locations would be made known to the player well in advance through the use of the red arrows around the edge of the map.
The circular arena and wide variety of spawn locations would force the player to make interesting decisions with regards to tower placement and path-making.

To compensate for the larger number of entry points early in the game a basic "Wall" would be provided at damn near no cost. This would allow players to plan their paths well in advance of the first wave. The walls could then easily be swapped out for proper towers.

I'd also like to include diamond and triangle pieces, essentially dividing the grid in half into triangles. This would allow the player more creative freedom when creating the paths they want the creeps to follow.The circles on the edges of the circle would represent tower icons that could be dragged and dropped to create towers.

Some other things:
- Health bar at the top, with Win representing mad health and fail letting you know you're about to lose.
- Currency for buying towers would be represented by that most praised attribute of rankwhores, comments.
- Time until next wave, along with a picture of the next type of creep would be displayed in the center of the HUD.
-The small white rectangles in the middle of the HUD represent buttons for things I haven't thought of yet.
- Towers would be upgraded by clicking on the tower and clicking on the upgrade.

(The WiiSucks tower was the only tower I could think of worth degrading in this concept sketch)

The basic deal.

I also thougth of doing this as a mixed genre game.
The creeps being little balls that would bounce around and damage the base if they hit it.
The player would be given a paddle to deflect these balls. He'd control the paddle with the arrow keys, deflecting balls until the towers were able to destroy them.
This would add an action element and allow further game depth through paddle upgrades.

I also thought it might be interesting to have terrain sections that move.
These moving sections would either speed up or slow down the creeps depending on the terrain's direction and the creep's direction.
This would make tactical tower positioning more interesting.
The towers would remain stationary regardless of terrain of course.

Other ideas I brainstormed:
-Having creeps be unaware of the proper fastest path to the base. Allowing them to make random decisions at intersections about which way to go, allowing the creator to make "mazes" of towers with dead ends etc. forcing the creeps to pull a 180 and head back the way they came. Also adding an element of chance to make the game more exciting.
-Money generating buildings that the creeps would seek out and attack, creating a secondary building needed to be protected by towers, also could be used as a diversionary tactic to draw some creeps away from the main base.
-I also had this really bad idea involving tetris. Falling tetris pieces would make up the grid, with towers placed on waiting tetris pieces and then the arrangement of the tetris pieces would mandate the arrangement of the towers.

Tower Ideas:
-A shaaaark tower that could be upgraded to a JAWESOME tower.
-Neonie tower and Tragic Hero tower, cause they wanted a tower game so damn much.
-Wiisucks tower, shooting spam posts everywhere.
-Sterling tower, with monocle whip attacks.
-A Rick Atsley tower, super powerful, but, when you place it the music starts playing quietly, the more Atsley towers, the louder it plays.
-I KILL PXLS tower, moderately powerful, used to counter the music of the Rick Atsley tower.
-K, idea well running dry, you want a tower, leave a comment or send me a message about what you'd want your tower to do. And well, I'll see what I can do.
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