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Pew! Pew! Excellent Shmup

Ladies and gentlemen of the community blogging jury may I present to you: Warning Forever Warning forever is perhaps one of the most interesting top down shoot-em-ups I have ever played both in terms of visuals and gameplay. However I d...


Free Combat Game For The Meticulous? Meet Toribash

Are you a nitpicker? Do you like to micromanage? Like really like to micromanage? Do you also like kicking ass? Please welcome: OFFICIAL SITE HERE DOWNLOAD HERE Toribash is an interesting fighting game where your player is basically a ...


Excellent Free Fighting Game Under 100KB!

Sumotori Dreams EDIT: In the comments I said I'd take this post down cause it was on Destructoid already, I changed my mind, people have redone a bunch of stuff that's already been on Destructoid before and if I missed it on official DToid...


Excellence In Game Understanding

If you're into game design may I recommend the Understanding Games series This lovely little flash series goes through various concepts inherent in those lovely games of the video variety that we all love ever so much. So if you dig it che...


Most Excellent Free Flash Platformer

Fancy Pants Adventures PLAY IT NOW Fancy Pants is a free flash based platformer with excellent flow and beautiful hand-crafted graphics. Although graphics in this case doesn't seem like a very fitting term, perhaps beautiful hand-crafte...


Excellent 2D Indie Shooter You May Not Have Played

COMBAT PILLOWS Combat Pillows is an excellent 2D top-down indie shooter you may not have had the opportunity to be exposed to. Let's get to the bullet points shall we, because you know, short attention spans with all us gamers. Trial Do...


What I learned from FNF

So Friday Night Fights was yesterday, as always it tended to be full of the most sophisticated forms of EPIC WIN as well as the ever horrific spinning meat. (I was of course playing Team Fortress 2 on the PC). Now I guess my sister had som...


Excellent Free Platformer You May Not Have Played

So, this is my first blog post, but you don't give a fuck and I don't give a fuck, so let's get to it shall we? An excellent free platformer you may not have played: Trackmania Nations. Now I know what you're thinking, or could be think...


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