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So I made a game...

So I made a little game, it's nothing major, my first real game, took me a few weeks to learn/re-learn the fundamentals of ActionsScript and put this together. Similar to Music Catch if you've ever played that. Orbs flow across the screen i...


Get Crosus or Fail! Here's why...

Crosus It's a Free and Easy way to manage your Mods, Maps and Indie Games! Download at Crosus.com So let me break it down for you? Just what the shit is Crosus anyways? Crosus is a free lil' app that keeps track of your installed reta...


Instant Replay: Eternity's Child

What?! It's a good game. Disagree? Well if you disagree I suppose I should say that you're entitled to your opinion and that we can all get along amiably despite our differences. But I'm not that kind of guy so, let's restart. Nah not ...


Retro's Broken

A lot of games come with a learning curve. The game holds your hand and walks you through the basics, then once you've got them down introduces some more complexity and eventually once you've got it all figured out, turns up the difficulty ...



Title's "Homosexual", cause DToid censored "Faggot" out. If you seek to avoid my horrid wall of text: Long story short, people need to quit bitching. Anyways, the honorable Jim's article on the rather FAT Princess game, or if you want to ...


Canada NARP?

All this NARP stuff sounds like its alot of fun, but I is far away from it all. So, anyone nearby Vancouver that'd be interested in a NARP if I get some shit set up? CaNARPda?


Dtoid Game: First Coded Class

For you coders out there, actionscript class of the triangles that the player will be able to build on. If you DON'T GIVE A FUCK, check out the Concept Sketches and Ideas instead. package{ class GridTriangle{ var accelX:int; //Ho...


Dtoid Game - Tower Defense It Is

Neonie Wins! So it turns out HawtPawkitHero's gonna bring you guys a side-scrolling shooter. Wedge has got the beat 'em ups down. So I guess Neonie wins. I'll be starting work on this shit when I get home. (Also shitty two-minu...


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