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2016 in Review - A compendium

Hello everyone, the wine is poured and I'm ready to finally do this blog looking back on 2016. It's been a very eventful year hasn't it? There have been births, deaths, and all sorts of things that happen in between those two things. O...


Making a case against blocking

The rise of the information age has made it so everyone has a soapbox and a megaphone and so long as they have the will they can get their opinions to anyone. Because of this you can find anyone to agree with your opinion on varying s...


Animal Crossing: Nihilism Simulator

Line up to die, lugubrious, as the masters herd you towards the killing floor. As go the cows, so go men. There is no God here. Only Arbys. [email protected]_Arbys My girlfriend has been slavishly playing Animal Crossing: City Folk for about a y...


On Nintendo and Growing Up

[[Originally wrote this for my Tumblr but it feels more at home here among fellow gamers, enjoy]] ------------------------ It seems that Nintendo has been cropping up in my life a lot recently, what with my girlfriend receiving a Gamecube...


2011 - fin

Late last year I read an article that I stumbled upon called "58 Reasons Why Your Wallet Is Going to be Raped in 2011" Since then I have been checking off games on the list as they release and I play it, or as they get cancelled or delayed ...


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A running lists of his top 10 games of all time
1 (tie) - Grim Fandango
1 (tie) - Shadow of the Colossus
3 - The Talos Principle
4 - BioShock
5 - Fallout: New Vegas
6 - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
7 - Tetris
8 - Hotline Miami
9 - Star Fox 64
10 - Kingdom Hearts

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