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Street Fighter X Tekken Wish List

Hey all ^_^ It's me again, coming with a juicy question for all Street fighter and tekken fans The question is: ''Which characters would you like to see in the game? Heres my list Street fighter side 1. Ryu ( Evil Ryu) 2.Ken 3.Chun Li 4....


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Game to be announced)

Hiya! :) Its Aluzey again, you may remember me from my last blog. Well anyways let's get down to business! Scott Pilgrim, (For those who have not read the comic book) is a 23 year old Bum Slacker/Bassist from Canada who falls in love for ...


Blazblue and why im disappointed

Hey Destructoid-ers :P, Today i played Blazblue, and i thought to myself... ''why does such a good game which has so much potential to be a very fluid and rich fighting game, suck so much?'' The story mode kinda leaves you dry, and you bec...


Who is the most powerful Marvel Character out there

Recently, During my f'd up Spring break, I fell on the ground...( My little brothers damn toys! ) and thats when i thought to myself.... Who is the most powerful marvel character out there? There has been Loads of opinions from many diffe...


About aluzeyone of us since 7:25 PM on 04.22.2010

It all started in the Roaring 90's
when my big brother babysat me..
I could'nt stop crying, so he sat my soiled diaper on a seat and turned on sonic the hedgehog.
from then on... I could'nt stop playing

Specialize in Fighting games and FPS
Street fighter series, Samurai Shodown, Guilty Gear, King Of fighters and Blazblue (Which im currently playing)

FPS wise
Unreal Tournament series (Bet you your life i would win against you in a deathmatch)
Warhammer 40'000 Dawn of war (Learned how to harness the power of zooming!)
Call of Duty 3,4 (3 was kickass, 4 and i have many trial to go through ;P

Oh! and I'm dating the sweetest girl on earth
her name is Abby <3 <3
she's my bumbum ;)