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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

My most memorable experience would probably be pretty soon after I'd bought the game. I started playing it right before midterms, which meant that I was playing it *during* midterms, and pulling all-nighters fighting off Ragelopes when I should have been spending those precious hours leveling up my school skills and not my Immunize skill.

I was riding the train into class for my last midterm, and had the option of either studying medieval English history or taking my DS out and trying to finally get down to the 5th floor and confront Fenrir. Having stayed up until about 4am playing as it was, the smarter side of me would have decided some last minute study might have been a good idea. Instead, I flipped my DS open and headed in with the intention of at least getting to Fenrir's lair and mapping the area out. Then I'd use a Warp Wire to escape, save, and I'd go back for Fenrir's head after my exam. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

I got to Fenrir's hideout more or less without incident, though my party was starting to feel the pain of the numerous FOEs I had vanquished on my way down. Upon my arrival, a Skoll charged for my Protector's throat by way of greeting, but my party took it down without much trouble. My medic was running low on TP though, so there was no way I'd be able to take on Fenrir at this point in time.

I now arrived at my stop on the train, so I got off and hurried to my classroom, and pulled out my DS for further odyssey-ing, rather than some last-last-minute studying.

I took down another Skoll, and decided to venture a bit further into Fenrir's lair. I figured I could move around the big black FOE in the center (presumably Fenrir) and take out his red FOE buddies, then warp out, save, and come back for him after the test. Unfortunately, the world of Yggdrasil Labyrinth isn't so sweet as to let me do that. I took one step towards Fenrir, he took a giant leap towards me, and all of a sudden the battle music shifted and my party was in the fight of its life.

What do I do!? I quickly have my medic throw up an Immunize, she has enough for only one more cast, and thats only after I use an Amrita on her. That gives me 10 rounds to take Fenrir down, assuming I don't need to heal. I *might* be able to manage it.

Then a Skoll joins the fray.

Okay, I can handle this. The others are moving towards me, but their sprites are really large, at most one more will fit on screen. I can manage this, I'll just cast some AOE attacks and kill the Skolls as I take down Fenrir. Another Skoll joins the fray.

I can still do this, I just need a little luck, that's all...

Another Skoll joins the fray.

Wait, how is there room for him?

*Another* Skoll joins the fray.

This is bad... Wait, I kill one Skoll! Phew, progress!

*Still another* Skoll joins the fray.

...Your party has died. Do you want to save map progress?

...oh noooooooooooooooooo!!!

I close my DS just as my professor walks into the classroom. Oh goodie, first Fenrir eats me for breakfast, now my midterm gets the leftovers. What fun.

Afterword: I ended up somehow surviving the midterm to return and challege Fenrir to a second battle, this time after gaining a few more levels and confronting him at full HP. Though my first loss was painful, it made taking that Huge Fang from his jaw that much nicer the second time around. The Celtis that I was able to purchase from Shilleka afterwards was also a nice reward.

Thanks for reading! (^o^)/
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