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Alcoholocast Episode 11: 4LOKOCAST!!!!

This here's a special Alcoholocast, with half the cast, and twice the white trash! Allen, John, and Danl are joined by special guest (and perhaps soon-to-be special regular) Chris Healy to discuss/try-for-the-first-time the hottest about...


Episodes 9 and 10 are up, expect big things soon

Sup, faithful listening folks. After a brief delay, episodes nine and ten are both available to be listened to by your ears if you want. They're both up on the iTunes and RSS feeds, or just hit these links: http://traffic.libsyn.com/alcoh...



Hey gang! Sorry about the extended cBlog Hiatus, but we were having some serious issues getting the self-destructoid robot to let us into our account during the, uhm, "beta". Anyway, Classic Dtoid is back and so are we. Er, not back exact...


Alcoholocast Ep. 4: Trim Smashin'

In this episode, our heroes are joined by Mr. Conor Elsea aka Jon_Bloodspray to discuss old jobs, music, and why it's so darn strange that Barack Obama isn't listed in the phone book. Drunken debates are always the best, although most of...


Alcoholocast Ep 3: Press X to Highschool

Episode 3 is up! We have the normal cast, albeit not for the entire show, plus special guests Gobun, Nihil and Alex. Anthwan jumps in near the end, as some of our normalcast drops out, but it's still great. We discuss a variety of topi...


Episode 2.5 is UP!

So we recorded this mini-episode the other week, mostly to test out our new guest system and listener question set-up. It's pretty AWESOME. http://fon.gs/alcoholocast2point5/ Our guests for this episode were Nihil, Changston, Gobun, and...


Alcoholocast Episode 2: Teddy Bear Thompson

Joined by special guests Alex Barbatsis and Josh Harrison, the crew discusses a myriad of listener provided questions, like our ideal historical drinking buddies, and reminisces about a few of our favorite alcohol-related memories. I hav...


Alcoholocast Episode One is live!

Here it is, folks! Our very first, very drunk episode. Joining us on this adventure were: Allen Park (Douchebrah) Danl Haas (Danlhaas) John Colaw (Clownbaby) Scott Sullivant (MosesEarly) Julius (Diverse) Josh Blood (HerosPlayDumb) Jess Broh...


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