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An apology, and Timeshift rules!

A couple of days ago, i posted a comment on someones blog, i cant remember who. Their post was about what was wrong with UT3, and at the end they reccomended timeshift as an alternative to all the other fps games. They also made the ridicul...


Is it so god damned hard...

to make a good arcade racer for pc? After Nfs Carbon turned out to have more than a few major flaws (*cough*wingmen*cough*), i was really hoping the next one would fix it ( i just got pissed off with Most Wanted, the cop chases got long an...


CoD 4 Prologue

This is the best prologue/training mission thing ive ever seen in a game, for three reasons. 1) It actually makes sense! Youre an s.a.s guy. Its a mock-up of a real situation, designed to get you ready for the coming mission. 2) Its fun....


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