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10 things

... or how I learnt to stop worrying and love the meme! (10) I lurk far to much. Despite how much I love this site I don't really contribute much to the community, so after a year of having this account I'm going to try and write somethin...


Space Invaders Guitar

Trying my hardest not to suck heres my first post.... A picture of my guitar The guitars a Danelectro 56 pro, the stickers a little something me and my friend Marc whipped up at work :P CLOSE UP!!!111!!!


About aimlesssoybeanplantone of us since 6:37 AM on 12.23.2007

I'm a 17 year old student from merry old England (and no we do NOT drink tea all the time). Due to having no money, i play mainly indie and retro games, though my DS is always on my person for impromptu Japanese Tetris multiplayers :)

I love dressing geeky, and I practically live in my "Bow before me, for I am root." t-shirt. Oh and I've been wearing the same pair of Mario themed converse everyday for the last 5 months now...

I LOVE playing guitar, as you may be able to tell from my c-blog banner. I listen to pretty much any kind of music as long as its not some crappy over produced pop or rap rubbish... oh and EELS are the best band EVAR!!!!!111111!!!!!