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Let's bring different ideas to the table.

Back when Modern Warfare 3 came out, I had the chance to play and scrutinize it's multiplayer and single player games. During that time, a thought crossed my mind...didn't I just play this same game with Modern Warfare 2? Sure, the game types were a little different and the graphics were updated, but it was just the same game as 2 years prior. I paid $60 for a game that was essentially the same game? Yep.

Not only that, but it seems that the player's main goal in any Call Of Duty is to kill the other team, no matter what the actual objective is. I would be playing Domination and it would play and feel like Team Deathmatch. I would even think "Am I the only one actually going for the mission objectives?" and more often that not, the answer would be yes. Don't get me wrong: I like Team Deathmatch, but if the game just has that game type, there's no sense wasting $60 on players who run around like headless chicken. Not interested.

Instead, I like games that present new ideas to an ever expanding FPS and TPS genre. For example, Hybrid lets the players move from cover to cover...using jetpacks. You have to really know that that cover is where you want to go and you are committed to going there. If not, chances are you are going to be back to the spawn screen quicker than you can jetpack to the next cover. If that idea were to make it in a Call Of Duty game, players would be in an uproar. How about the game Brink? The idea that if you say to a teammate "I'm going to do this" and get rewarded is, well, rewarding. Instead to shooting each other as the primary objective, you can create flank positions and cut off enemy movement by building barricades...and get rewarded for teamwork. I don't see a Call Of Duty using this idea. Instead, if you want to survive, lone wolfing it is the way to go.

So what if they implemented these or any different ideas? Would you play it if a Call Of Duty added a very different idea to the table? If the idea makes a game better instead of the same game, I would. As a matter of fact, I would jump at the chance to play a Call Of Duty if they let me drive their vehicles and aircraft.
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