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First Impressions: Crysis 3

The Crysis series isn't just your normal run-of-the-mill shooter. You have to use the tools you have at your disposal, which are invisibility and armor modes. You play as a super soldier with enhanced powers, such as the aforementioned tools along with a fast sprint and some light parkour thrown into the mix.

The third game in the series attempts to have the same tools but with a little twist thrown in there. Sprinting doesn't use your power level (let's face it...a super soldier has to have some power source, right?) so you can, in essence, sprint forever. Plus, the sprint itself has sped up and, as a result, the gameplay has sped up as well. So is it a better game?

Well, in the beta, you choose two game types: Crash Site and Hunter. First off is Crash site.

In Crash Site, you have to gain control of an alien pod on the map that is identified on your HUD when it drops. Players who gain control of the site earn team XP and individual XP...but for a certain time. After 1 minute, the site explodes, sending anyone camping at that site back to the respawn timer. Then, another one drops 30 seconds later. The gameplay is very similar to Headquarters on Call of Duty but it's a lot faster pace. Think Unreal Tournament or Nexuiz fast. I also loved the addition to riot shields, as those shields break down if it is shot at or held for too long. Players of the second or first Crysis are wondering why this wasn't included in the games, as it is a lot of fun to play.

Then you have the Hunter mode. In this one, you start out as either a CELL member or a hunter. If you are a CELL member, you have a choice of four classes and you have to either hide or escape (or both!) the hunters, who just so happen to wield a bow and arrow and invisibility. If you have played The Hidden on the PC, think of that, but the teams are evenly split. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time as both sides because you have the scare factor on the CELL side and the choice of finishing off your opponent by melee or arrow to the face on the hunter side. This was my personal favorite game type, as you can either get yourself scared half to death or hunt down as many unsuspecting guinea pigs as you see fit.

The two maps have that panache to them. Both are different but equal. On Airport, you get to fight not only inside the terminal, but inside and underneath a dilapidated 747 with old sewer holes as crawlspaces. It makes for flanking moves and elevation techniques all the more enjoyable. On Museum, you are in a jungle with ruins scattered on the map. The base of the map is filled with water, which makes playing Hunter even more enjoyable due to the rippling effect of an enemy's movement present in the water. The higher portion of the ruin makes for some sniper fun, but not to the point to where snipers can camp out. This is a huge plus. Both maps have ways in which you can approach an enemy differently. You can either go head-on and flank them, or you can go above and either snipe them or ground pound and send the bodies flying. It's your choice. Both the maps look and feel gorgeous with the new CryEngine 3, with the cracks in the fuselage on Airport and the rock formations on Museum.

As of this posting, I have already capped out on XP (it ends at 10) and still want to play more of this game. You should definitely pick this game up when it releases on the PS3, XBOX 360 and the PC February 19th. To check out the game early, head up the Playstation Network, XBOX Live Arcade and Steam for the Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta.

For now, here's the most recent trailer for Crysis 3. Click on the video below!
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