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And now for something different...

Since I played a lot of shooters in my life, I want to present shooters that you may like or hate, but they brought something new to the table and wound up being fun in the process.

1. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
In this game, you play as part of the Umbrella Corporation trying to cover up the outbreak while dodging zombies and defeating foes that were playable characters in past Resident Evil games. While the AI was dumber than the zombies themselves, the unique quality was the multiplayer. Slant 6 took the normal game types like Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag and added zombies in the middle of it. Imagine you are trying to take down an enemy player, but between you and said player are a horde of zombies. This simple yet fun approach to multiplayer added a unique tension to winning games.

2. Hybrid
This is essentially two games in one. You have the TPS in that you have to jetpack from cover to cover, sometimes it's upside down, sometimes it's against the wall. However, you have to be careful due to the enemy picking you off mid-flight, so it adds choices to the player. Should I hunker down and defend this post or should I risk being shot and go for the cover that provides a better point of view? Although the matches start off being three vs. three, it soon becomes hectic with drones and flying ninjas (!) on the battlefield, chomping at the bit at taking you back to the spawn screen. Then, there is the meta game, in which your side has to take over a part of the world, then a continent, then the world itself. This adds staying power, as each match counts towards progressing that part of the map. Should you win, you get a bonus. Lose? You get something else.

3. Tribes: Ascend
If only this was brought to consoles!!! This game is very objective based, but like Hybrid, you have to move in an unique way. You basically have to jetpack up a hill then ski down a hill. You can get quite fast going from objective to objective, but the drawback is that kills are few. However, once you do have a kill, it is very satisfying, going from daredevil to assassin in the blink of an eye. Capture The Flag is a true gem.

4. Blacklight: Tango Down
This plays much like Call Of Duty, but they add the HRV, which stands for Hyper Reality Visor. With a press of a button, you can see everyone, both friendly and enemy, so you can tell your teammates where they are. Trouble is, you cannot fire your weapon, nor see where the walls are. This adds tactics as you can coordinate where you want to flank an enemy or go head on with a squad.

5. Blacklight: Retribution
Same as above, but with mechs!!

6. Brothers In Arms
No longer are you a super soldier, but a part of a team. Sure, you can try to mow down a whole platoon of enemies, but you will get killed. This World War II shooter can be unforgiving at times, but with the added effects of coordination of attacks and defense, this is well worth the play times.

7. Operation: Flashpoint
Same as Brothers In Arms, but brought to the modern day.

8. Day Z
The first game that I know of that has a permanent death. If you get killed, you get killed and have to start everything over again. Plus, the tension of being spotted by a zombie is nothing compared to being spotted by another player. A true test of the zombie apocalypse in which scavenging and looting are necessities and the threat is everywhere.

9. Brink
Right from the beginning, you have to pick a side. Do you want to save the Ark, one of the last outpost of human civilization, or do you want to escape it and look for survivors? In each side you pick, you have to either defend a point, or try to take it over. One of the few games that utilizes side objectives that can either help or hinder your team's main objectives. You can cut off the enemy's main entrance point by building a barricade or provide a flank route by building a new route or taking down a barricade. This game adds true teamwork to accomplish a mission and with the available classes and customization also provides the player with more choices during and after the mission.

10. Battlefield
In this series, you have to coordinate attacks with your teammates (you can lone-wolf it, but playing the objective is HIGHLY recommended) and work together to accomplish a win. Plays much like Call Of Duty, but with a lot more teamwork and add some jets, helicopters and vehicles (yes, there are tanks) with more objective-based gameplay. Single player is good, but the action is in multiplayer.

11. Warhawk
I must admit: I have never played this, but as the previous posts installs, this game combines RTS with FPS, set it in the future and add some flying and vehicles.

Did you play a shooter that has some good ideas? Sound off in the comments below!
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