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A letter to the TV execs.

Writer's Note: This is for the TV execs who constantly cast us gamers in negative light. This is not to offend anyone and my sincere apologies to anyone that I may offend. Thanks for reading!

Dear TV execs and script writers,
Recently, I saw a program called Criminal Minds in that you depict two gamers that get overly obsessed with a violent video game. The gamers then try to mimic the violence in the real world. This is not what we as the gaming community are and are ashamed as we are cast in a negative light time and time again.
Those small numbers of gamers who go out and try to emulate the gaming world already has something wrong with them to begin with. Did you check on their mental health? Nope. Instead, you ignore it and cast us all as murderers or, worse, soulless people who don’t have a life. I take offense to that because yes, I play violent video games, but you don’t see me go out with an assault rifle and killing people. That’s because most gamers are people. We people who take their violence in the digital world and not in real life. We know the boundaries that exist in that world and not to cross that boundary. There is a big difference in the real world and what you execs call “virtual reality”. What we do in the game we can’t do in real life. For example, we can’t jump over a skyscraper, nor ride a horse wielding a sword slaying a dragon, nor mow down other people with an AA-12 as we run around a closed off area of the world and run around like mad people.
Imagine that we did. Let’s pretend that the virtual world somehow did cross over to the real world. At one point, we would be back in the medieval times slaying mythical dragons on a quest to save a princess. Another one would be that we would be stopping a terrorist attack every minute of every day as we are constantly getting shot at and dying only to be re-spawning at a singular point in the globe and try to save the world again. Would that be the world you want to live in? Well, let’s flip the chart around, as you claim that the games are becoming more realistic. If the game of life were made into a video game, absolutely no one would play it. The main objective in the game would be to take out the trash or walk your dog, and perhaps go to an office job where you file useless papers away in cabinets. Sounds like fun, huh?
So why are you making fun of us? We are people. We are a lot of people. Last I checked, one game trumped your crappy TV program. Matter of fact, that same game managed to rake in more on one day than you can on one channel…for a year. The biggest convention in modern history was a gaming convention and it sold out within minutes. How is that TV award show doing? Aww…you have record low ratings. Too bad most people instead turned on their consoles and PC’s and had more fun.
So instead of writing us as murderers, pick up a controller or keyboard and play these violent video games. I promise you nothing will happen to you…in real life.
See you on the battlefield,
A fellow gamer.
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