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The First Annual Ohio Game Developer Expo

By. Adam Bankhurst In 1998, a group of about 25 game developers held a very "informal" game-centric conference. They had a dream and a vision to provide a venue and platform for developers to showcase their work and speak to the world abou...


Help Me Make a Difference in Our World

By. Adam Bankhurst Change. Take a minute to think about what that word means to you. Better yet, think of what that word can mean to a child suffering from a disease that he or she does not deserve. Life, unfortunately, does not deal in...


Bullying and the Silent Enemy

By. Adam Bankhurst Cindy Lou. What does this seemingly innocent name mean to you? For me, it reminds me of a childhood darkened by bullying. It recalls days of when I would fake being sick to not have to go to school and endure the ridicu...


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I'm Adam Bankhurst and my dream is to work in the video game industry. I have created a website/podcast called The Gamer's Advocate and it's been one of the most rewarding expereinces of my life. Being able to take my love of video games and make it into something is unlike anything else. I am huge fan of anything Chipotle, Hibachi, or Disney related and some of my favorite games are Mass Effect 2, Ocarina of Time, and FFVII.