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Overwatch Versus The Aging Process

I began playing video games when I was four – not to imply I’m some OG you should be paying respects to – I’m just providing context. My earliest favorite was Berzerk on the Atari. I used to hold the joysti...


Gets Your Goat

Sometimes a game can sell itself. Sometimes it's best just to leave the ol' carcass at the butcher shop. Anyone remember this debacle? When Sony chose (intentionally) to promo God of War II with a pagan sort of Greek party. And they uti...


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Gamer and comedian living in Newfoundland, Canada.

I'm a big believer in HUD-free gaming, using the resources within the gamespace to communicate to the player, rather than choking the screen with too many waypoints. But that's me. What about you? Feel free to leave comments here or on my blog posts.