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Tumbling down yet another rabbit hole: a buddy and I decided to dive into Warframe finally. An hour or two in, and having a blast so far. Went with a Mag wielding a bow, knives, and sword. It's a bit like playing Genji with Hanzo's bow. Fun!


Just realized that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is out in two days. I've been very much looking forward to it, and thought it was coming later for some reason. This will make for a better weekend!


This came up for me as a suggested video today, and wa fascinating to listen to. Moving away from nuclear power is worse for the environment than keeping it.


Out at a wedding with this gorgeous woman I managed to talk into marrying me. Unfortunately we have four little chaperones. How is your evening, Destructoid?


Quick questions for anyone in a state with legal cannabis. Stopping at a dispensary on my way to visit my wife's dad and step mom for my vacation in two weeks. See the comments!


This is going to be fun. Glad I showed up a couple minutes before opening, because the were plenty of others just as eager to get their hands on these. I'll post some results later!


Just talked to the manager at my local shop where I buy GW stuff, and they've got 18 of each new Citadel Contrast Paint. They go on sale tomorrow, so I should have a great shot of grabbing some when they open. Can't wait to try them out!


Anthony, I finally started playing Nuclear Throne after you posted that you beat it the other day. Thank you. I'm having a ton of fun with it. Still a long way to go before I reach the throne but I'm filled with determination.


Are the joycons the shoddiest pieces of hardware Nintendo has ever released? I have four of them since the Switch came out, and the drift has gotten so bad on each that they are pretty much worthless. Hoping that I can replace the sticks successfully.


Going to flip Boxman's question around a bit. If there was one game that you could insert knowledge of into your head before playing it so you could avoid it, what would it be and why?


Given how things had been handled this season of Game of Thrones, my initial impression of the end is that I'm relatively happy with it.


We survived Tough Mudder Philly 2019. Here's the "after" pic. 9 miles and 25 obstacles later, exhausted and a little banged up. Had so much fun though.


If you find yourself running Tough Mudder Philly today, we'll be out on the course cheering you on! Tomorrow we run.


Last night sat down to paint and discovered that I had been invited to the Classic World of Warcraft beta test. Had a blast checking out the Valley of Trials in Durotar with a fresh orc shaman. Can't wait for the full release in August.


I'm not quite sure how to feel about this.


Do you think people who named their daughter Khalessi are still happy with the decision? (If this QP strays too close to spoiler territory I'll edit it and leave this question in the comments)


Why hello there handsome. Every Waaagh needs a proper warboss.


My entry for #VGTwinsie will be in the comments. As one of the resident bald dudes, I don't have a whole lot of options. Also I need to grow my beard back in to fully complete the look. And gain a bunch more muscles.


There's one scene I was hoping for in Endgame/Infinity War that I didn't get. Included in the comments.


I'm proud to announce that my son who is almost 8 has finished Breath of the Wild. I'm not as proud to announce that I haven't finished it myself.


Finished the six marines from the First Strike box set. Fell in love with the lore behind the Vorpal Swords chapter, and decided to go with their color scheme. Pics with a little closer focus inside.


And that's Endgame. Loved it. One thing I wish I knew ahead of time was that there is no after credits scene.


Only 32 more hours of trying to avoid random spoilers on the internet....


Supporting Valve over epic is the morally correct choice at this point. Epic makes their people work 100 hour work weeks to support Fortnite. Valve can't force their employees to work overtime on games they aren't making!


Not sure if anyone mentioned this or not previously, but there's a Kickstarter for a Bloodborne tabletop game: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/bloodborne-the-board-game?ref=7cux5y


Took a break from the orks to paint up the plague marines from the First Strike set. Once I finish up the bases, they'll be prepared to wipe out the populations of any anti-vaxxer planets.


Got my tickets to take the family to Endgame on the 27th! There was no way I was going to miss opening weekend and then try to have to avoid the internet for the following week.


Somehow my opinion of Ticketmaster is even lower. Didn't know this before, but you can resell your tickets on their site. So on top of the heinous "convenience charges" to start with, they get to double dip while resellers rip off legitimate fans. F 'em.


Finally caught up on season 5 of Bojack Horseman. Wow. This has catapulted it up into my "best shows I've ever seen" list. Episode 6 especially, "Free Churro" was incredible. Didn't expect an entire episode of someone talking at a podium to be THAT good.


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