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Ok Destructoid. Trying to get my wife on board for movie date night in after the kids are off to bed tonight. Anyone have any good horror suggestions from the last few years?


Good morning Destructoid! Hope you're all doing as well as can be going into the weekend. My output has decreased lately but here are the latest orks. Tried to spice up the bigger base size. You can see the start of my side project in the background.


Despite the shitty day, I can play Doom Eternal in an hour which put a smile on my face. #selfietoid


Hmmmm.... I hadn't even considered the possibility that I could be playing this tonight at midnight on PC. (That's a countdown, btw)


Anyone want some %16 off Doom Eternal PC codes for Greenmangaming.com? (Otherwise only %10 off,) I got extras after pre-purchasing. This appears to be good for 2 more days. I'll put the codes in the comments.


Now there's a 5.7 magnitude earthquake near Salt Lake City? I'm becoming further convinced we're in a Sims game of some sort, and the player got stoned and is fucking with the disaster settings.


I'd like to try to brighten someone's day up in our current chaotic situation. Got this with my last GW order for a copy of Warhammer: Total War. Needs to be redeemed by the end of the month. Code in the comments!


Hope your Thursday is off to a good start.


Did the lizard people finally assimilate SpielerDad? Haven't seen him around in ages.


Good God I need this new Ghazgkull model in my possession as soon as humanly possible. The new Ragnar looks cool too; unfortunately Ghaz is going to tear him in half.


For any Ghost fans out there. Moving into the next era. The article states that Papa Nihil "died" onstage during the sax solo in Miasma. I hope this doesn't mean they won't play that live anymore, it was amazing when they performed it at the show I saw.


As one who was rather skeptical in the potential direction of the VII Remake originally, I must say I am very impressed with the demo. The combat was enjoyable, and that boss fight was actually pretty intense! I'm on board.


Hahahaha Facebook is now fact checking Onion articles?


Just got an email stating that the GameStop I typically visited for games is closing. They had a really great staff there that made shopping that particular store a great experience. Such a shame.


Picked up Wasteland: Remastered last night. It is still as old school as hell, but that's part of why I like it. Looking forward to playing through this again with a nice new coat of paint on it.


Newest addition to the army. Converted a chimera into a trukk to be used by my tankbustas. This army is coming along nicely.


If you're looking for a good hobby channel or just want something relaxing to listen to, check this out. When he's doing the painting stuff it has the same sort of calming effect that Bob Ross had going for him.


I've realized my orks are now supposed to be on 32mm bases, so I must redo about 35 of them. Just got my bag of Chinese knock offs in the mail, so time to start. It does look better, but I'm still really irked to have to do this.


Finished Elderborn. Had a great time and definitely worth the price of admission. It was kind of funny though that I didn't even complete the might tree that I was putting points into. I only added 5 points to the other two. Now on to Hollow Knight!


I'm calling the first 10 grots to be finished. The contrast paint helped speed up the process, and it gave a really great look to the skin. A couple close ups included. Next 10 are under coated and ready to be painted next. 10 more after that!


Bump: Finished contrast paint stage. Pics in comments. Got some tips today on painting grots with contrast paints, so time to experiment. I sill can't believe the cost of GW's sprays though. I'll update this with progress.


Next phase of Warhammer 40k's Psychic Awakening storyline, Saga of the Beast is confirmed to be focused on the orks and space wolves. I am excited as hell, particularly since I know there is a new Ghazghkull model in the works. Can't wait to paint him.


Today is the final day of my wife's chemo infusion treatments! Also would like to wish a happy birthday to Xeo. I think today is going to be a good day.


It's painful watching the democrats drop the ball in Iowa. Tin foil hat time: is this the DNC trying to somehow spin Bernie doing well into another result? It feels like the DNC would rather have Trump be president again than have Bernie as the nominee.


During the Superbowl, finished the last of the tankbustas. Ready to blast some big holes in things. Close ups in the comments.


What the hell happened with that BotW article? I pop on this morning to see what's up, and apparently it was bombarded by all sorts of fly by night accounts. I missed all the action!


I think this release may have reached "Dumpster Fire" status.


And that's Doom 2016. Turns out I was only about halfway when I originally started. Glad to have finally wrapped this one up; it's been a ton of fun the whole way through. Now bring on Eternal!


First orks of 2020! The tankbusta mob is halfway done.


Hot take: The World of Warcraft movie was way better than it had any right to be and it's a shame there will never be a sequel that could have improved on it greatly.


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