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Hahaha why does it say COCK on the board in between rounds? I've had a few beers before playing this for the first time, and I'm laughing my ass off and having a blast.


Is it me or is the Destructoid shirt with all the community names on it not available in the store any longer?


Our school district guidelines came out this morning. Glad to see at least masks are required. My kids K-5 will be attending at school, while my daughter in sixth grade is getting some sort of hybrid schedule of home/at school.


So why isn't Sam using ALL his bodily fluids to fight the BTs? You mean to tell me he isn't going to blast one out every morning so that he can whip jizz grenades at ghosts?


So the DNC has given their official platform, and they're content to be the "less shitty party than the Republicans". We're in the worst job situation since the great depression, facing a pandemic, and they want avoid changes that will help, like M4A.


I love Games Workshop's anti-scalper moves. The new box set is releasing at $200, so of course scalpers immediately jumped. GW announced they would make new copies to order, and struck down eBay posts where people were making up prices. Fuck the scalpers.


I'm the opposite side to Xeo's coin; I love asses. That is all.


People are all pumped about Ghost of What's-his-name, but here I am playing the switch release of DQ XI at night on vacation before bed, and I'm excited to get back and play more of the PC release of Death Stranding.


Greetings from a cabin in Vermont! I manage to have about 4 minutes where my phone has a connection, so just popping in to say hi. Hope all is well for you guys, I'll have some catching up to do when I reach civilization again (assuming it hasn't ended.)


Is it TheBlondBass pronounced like bass or bass?


I've completely bounced off of the original Devil May Cry. I fucking hate the controls of this game and the fixed camera angles are just making this not at all enjoyable. It's a shame, because I WANT to like it.


The only thing flat-earthers fear is sphere itself.


Finally got around to completing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night last night (good ending). Very great game overall, although I don't think it quite reaches the heights of Symphony of the Night.


My pettoid will be delayed. Our little puppy is currently at the vet, recovering from her successful spaying surgery.


With 9th ed looming, thought maybe I'd polish off some models from Dark Imperium. They'll be for my Vorpal Swords army. I heard that aethermatic blue over a white undercoat makes for easy plasma coils, and it did not disappoint.


If only I had known to purchase stock in the company that creates these dumpsters. Not only are they everywhere, they seem to all be on fire, and will likely need to be replaced. I could have made a fortune.


I am seeking absolution for one of my gaming sins by starting up the Devil May Cry trilogy on PS3. I could handle the fixed camera angles for the RE games back then as they were slow paced, but it's a bit painful here. Still having a great time though!


How did I manage to have two hobbies with incredible backlogs?


All wrapped up on my first Killer Kan. Two more to go!


Now that I was able to get to my LGS (wanted to try Agrellan Earth), I've completed the squad. Well the bases were touched up after the pics. Closer up shots within.


This might sound like a dumb question, but do you need to physically have a switch in order to purchase things off the eshop for it? Explanation in the comments.


Crossed The Boys off my list of shows to check out. This was a lot of fun to watch, and was a really interesting take on the superhero genre.


Approximately $28 and an hour in surgery later, the patient has made a full recovery. Not sure I'd like to replace a screen again, was slightly nerve wracking to reattach some of the ribbons.


This scene in Watchmen always stood out to me, and real life events are really reminding me of it.


Anyone know where I can find some dental views?


#90sToid I fucking loved the 90s, although I'm rather biased, having my formative years spent there. We need some more Sublime in here. Also, I will fight you if you make the claim that the self titled album is better than 40 oz to Freedom.


Let's get baked! Was going to make some cookies using the last two severely overripe bananas, realized I didn't have chocolate chips, and changed to brownies instead. World's greatest brownie recipe in the comments.


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