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Happy Birthday to the only Destructoid person I've met in real life, Wes!


Be sure to pour one out for Windows 7 today. It had a great run.


Has anyone recently had to replace a CV joint on their vehicle? I have a feeling the one on my minivan is shot, and wondering how much damage this is going to do to my wallet.


My coworker made his own magnets with dice. I need to steal this idea.


I was flipping through the channels last night and settled on watching Demolition Man for like the 40th time. I realized we're only 12 years away from the future predicted. Get ready to only eat at Taco Bell!


Finished the first minis of the year. In a Shyamalan-esque twist, they aren't orks! Wanted to polish off the last of the models from the First Strike starter set.


I managed to finish my last two minis of the decade with a few hours to spare! I'll be including a shot of everything I painted in 2019.


Planning on squeezing two more minis in 2019 yet, but here's my last vehicle of the decade. Converted ork trukk/battlewagon depending on my list. Tried a new chipped paint technique with foam, and it turned out well I think. Also, happy birthday Riffraff!


Despite having way too many RPG balls in the air right now (Divinity OS, Outer Worlds, DQ Builders 2), I jumped in on Disco Elysium last night for a bit. My brief experience thus far in the comments.


A young adult relative of mine posted a lengthy rant about how terrible it would be if Trump would be removed from office, including some mini rant about Hillary/Obama and Benghazi. Her mom responded: "You don't even follow the news." Shut. Down.


It does my heart good when I go to my kids' practices & events and I see Switches in the hands of lots of other kids.


Damn that new Mandalorian 7th episode was fantastic. I am going to be so bummed when the credits roll on the final one next week.


Thanks, if one of you gifted me a Steam Key for State of Decay? It appeared in my inventory a couple days ago; no message or anything. Gameplay loop is pretty fun, if janky as hell. I laugh when I kick a zombie in the belly and its head explodes.


Giving a shoutout to RiffRaff! You've always had lots of good things to say about Divinity: Original Sin, and I started playing about a week ago. This game is really scratching that CRPG itch, and I love it so far. Thanks!


Second mob of regular boyz complete. Next, I paint their transportation. Then I'll have enough of an army to actually start playing some games. It'll be the first time in years. Very excited.


That new Necromunda boxed set looks fantastic. Too bad the ridiculous price tag of $290 will completely prevent me from buying it. GW was doing somewhat better for a while there on box prices, but this is insane.


It's been a crazy day, and things are finally winding down, so quick popping in to say Happy Birthday Mr. Moyse!


Since absolutwife needs to rest, I've been given the task of hanging out at the purse bingo fundraiser for my daughter's gymnastics. Pic related.


He's playing Streets of Rage 2 while at mom's radiation oncology appointment. That's my boy!


Finishing out Orktober. The next boyz mob won't be done for a while yet, but I've got most of the base coats down and some shade.


After additional testing, the oncologist determined that my wife would need chemo after all. Today is the first infusion appointment, so wish us luck.


I was deciding what movie to watch on Netflix this evening, and came across Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. What a fun movie it turned out to be! I wished I had watched this years ago!


When I'm not playing The Outer Worlds, I'm thinking about the next time I'll be playing The Outer Worlds. It's been quite a while since a game grabbed me like this.


Teen Girl Squad was able to predict the future of how The Outer Worlds would turn out.


Not a bad view for the show. Nothing More takes the stage in 15 minutes, and then Ghost!


Could someone put a post in here if the weird login thing gets fixed? I've been staying logged out from the site, so sorry nobody is getting fapped to right now by me. Also I pre-ordered the Outer Worlds and I'm seeing Ghost tonight. Good weekend ahead!


Orktober entry number two: Wrapping up work on my painboy. I totally hate the face of the standard model, so I've made the minor conversion of adding a doctor's mask.


Big mek is finished and ready to go. Happy Orktober!


Recently have been getting into music from Foals. I have yet to encounter a song from them that I don't like. Really enjoying this one lately.


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