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Goodbye X-Box and Hello Success

Dear X-box elite you where a great part of my life, when i finally had the time and money to go out and purchase you back in 2008 on july 23rd, after saving 5months of wages of 80 a week minus 40 a week for my rent, I now need to say my goodbyes :-(

when you came into my life you made my gaming experience a whole lot more exciting, who knew that online gaming could be so fun but yet annoying, especially when all i hear nowadays is youngsters and foul mouth gamers f-in and Blind-in off at each other. Gaming is not about abusing other gamers on what ther gaming skill is and being rude to them, It should be about having Fun wasting time and also socialising to others world wide.

So from this day fourth on the 16/08/2011..... I Abritish from or is having a break off xbox-ing as i have no patients with the console and games and online competitiveness now because of rage quiting and STRESSING out online if im loosing all the time in a game of Call Of Duty or any other online 1st person shooters. I need to step into my future life, to pursue and acheive the living goals I have set for , as i was a failure in my young life fail-ed in life and anything and education as i came out of education with no grades whats made my life a living hell as i cant get into reasonablly decent jobs and have to deal with rubbish jobs. I have had a variety of jobs starting off with reatil and sales assistants as i enjoy meeting new people every day and learn the basics of employement, Ive also been an childrens entertainer.. Because thit is my main trait entertainment but i find it so hard to bring my entertainment too gaming because i dont care how bad or how well i do in gaming or know alot about the gaming industry and would like to learn more about it. But One thing i do know is that i can entertain in reality on anything But i just need someone too open the doors for me and welcome me to the world of entertainment but who can provide me with this? I DONT KNOW!!!

So to end this Blog i am saying good bye too my cyber life for a few months maybe even a year it all depends on how WELL i succeed in my Business Management course and pursue a Business Career To open up a company what i find close to my heart skateboarding and clothes. Also i want to acheive my all time ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE of a succesful entrepreneur because i really enjoy doing good things to the community, thus why i do lots of community volunteer work and would like to make this world alot better i look up to many people such as Rob Dyrdek (professional skateboarder and succesful entrepreneur) Lord Sugar Of the Apprentice ( One Of Britains most Popular reality shows) My Family and friends and even the community.

So GoodBye to My Cyber Life of Gaming and hello too my Future life of happiness and Success.

Yours Truly

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About abritishone of us since 8:16 PM on 07.07.2011

well where do i start hmmmm ile start with the basics.
Im drew Fisher (
Well to start off i was born in northamptonshire United Kingdom, But Now live in Milton Keynes. I left school with no grades and nothing but after a month of looking I found a job so when i finished school in 2006 I got a job at a garden store and ever since 2006 ive been working in retail my whole life, until 2008 then I worked as a childrens entertainer. In 2008 when i moved to Milton Keynes, I loved this job so much i got paid to have fun. I was a childrens entertainer at Gullivers Land (childrens theme park) I had soo much fun their and learnt alot about myself, before anything I was a loner, always kept myself to myself but Gullivers land gave me HUGE confidence boost as I had to go on a mic and do live shows for the guests, and danced to get the crowd energetic and to join in, I was a childrens entertainer for 2 years and now I work in a boring call center wooo :-(

My goals and future achievements in life are to open up a skate shop but My ultimate goal is to become a succesful ENTREPRENEUR and also too open up a brand new skateboard brand as i HAVE a Huge Passion For longboarding aswell as skateboarding but prefer the adrenalione filled action of down hill speeds and sliding around and taking in the amazing sights with friends and to socialise with new people who have the same passion as me.

I have been into gaming since technology took over my life my first console was a sega mega drive, then a ps1, then a ps2 now an xbox360, Im looking into getting a ps3 aswell I dont know why but I do, ever since 2006 I was on my games console 24/7 and very rarely went out to socialise but now I have other goals to pursue like i said opening a business so i very rarely play them but I use them too socialise aswell, Im a HUGE FAN of the Sims series on pc only those games are soo fun i can waste my whole life on them LOL,Also i love all the Fallout Series and finally the Skate series I enjoy creative games such as Rockband, Band Hero, Guitar hero and so on.

As i am a creative type of person now my main hobbies are Photography, Art, Acoustic Guitar and the other hobbies i have are Longboarding, skateboarding, Volunteer work, working for the community and helping other and the less fortunate people, I have so many people looking to me for wisdom in life as i am a great listener and frineds mainly ask me too help them with the career life, and also i have strangers asking me for help when needed i will do soo.

My life Mottos are:


" "
" "
" "
" "
"Xbox Live: drewfisher1990" or "pinkystarfish3d "
Xbox LIVE:drewfisher1990
Steam ID:abritish


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