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Attention all gamers: Never use Delta airlines or go to laguardia Airport

This is un-fucking-believable. Un-goddamn-believable. As I mentioned yesterday in my 10 things post I was taking a flight back home for the holidays from college. And I decided to take my Xbox360 and my Xbox games which I put in my luggage with all my clothes as well as my art portfolio. Well my original flight got cancelled and I was rerouted through several airports. It was because of this my baggage wan't on the same flight as me, as a result I didn't get it last night when I got off the plane. Instead they said they would send it to my house today when it got in on another flight. Well I just got it and guess what?

My 360 games were all gone as well as my controllers and memory card were gone. Somewhere around 500 dollars of stuff INCLUDING SOME OF MY FUCKING CLOTHES AND MY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS were stolen from my luggage. It's a good thing I took out gears 2, the wires for the 360 and one of the controllers to get the thing under the weight limit or the 360 itself would have been gone as well. To make matters worse, the fuckheads who stole my stuff bent my portfolio in half in stealing my crap so all my art is fucked up.

COD4 is gone.
Dead Space is gone.
Both the Condemneds are gone.
PRACTICALLY MY WHOLE FUCKING GAMES LIBRARY IS GONE thanks to Delta and their shit employees.

Fuck Delta Airlines. In fact fuck Airlines in general.

Sorry about this short blog post but I am so bloody pissed off right now.
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