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10 things I learned this week: Screw Conrad, aborto calls dibs on Francis Edition


Sweet Jesus I love this ad

I'm actually surprised that I actually got this up because I am heading back home for my Christmas break today. In fact by the time you read this I will be sitting in an airport terminal. And I hope to god they have wireless internet so I can be on Destructoid for the 4 bloody hours I am going to be there because I am getting kicked out of my dorm at 12 am and my flight isn't until 5 pm. Even if they don't I still have the pokemans and Kirby Super Star Ultra to keep me busy.

The downside to this trip back home is that I have been unable to get L4D which dissapoints me because I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Although hopefully I will be able to pick it up this weekend. Anyway I would like to take this time to say: I call dibs on Francis. Yeah, I know Conrad already called him but fuck you Conrad! You aren't the boss of me motherfucker!

1. Not having L4D when everybody else is playing it sucks. Damn it, I want in on the zombie action!

2. The new Xbox360 experience is pretty cool, except for the avatars which I feel are kind of lacking. I was expecting a little more customization and was a little dissapointed that I couldn't make a purple skeleton with a green mohawk but they only let you choose specific colors for each part of the avatar. Is it really that fucking hard for them to put a color slider so you can make your avatar's hair and clothes any color you want? It's better then the Mii's though I guess.

3. It's a really cool experience seeing all of my Destructoid friends in avatar form on xbox live. However, I am surprised at the number of serious avatars of Destructoid members. Come on people, where are all the crazy avatars?

4. Destructoid is fucking with my mind. I actually caught me referring to myself as aborto outside of the internets. Not only was that bad enough but I was talking about myself in the third person. Sweet jesus I'm going insane!

5. The Retroforce doesn't check their facts. On their recent podcast they said that Sonic CD wasn't rereleased when in truth it was on the gamecube in the sonic gems collection. Get your facts straight motherfuckers!

6. Cataract is attempting to put together a Dtoid Secret Santa. I'm still deciding whether or not to do it because giving out my address bugs me a bit, although I guess I have already done that in the past. Although I know I am going to cave in and do it because I love spreading joy at Christmas. I'm probably one of the only people who actually enjoy shopping for people at Christmas and decorating and caroling and all that nonsense. And spreading love on Dtoid sounds fun. In fact, I already have something planned to do for Destructoid this year which I hope to start work for on this plane ride. Nothing as dramatic as Rockvillian's advent calendar but I hope it will turn out well.

7. That somehow I am able to fit into a small Destructoid T-shirt. I got my Destructoid shirt in the mail and due to a fuckup on either their end or mine I ended up getting a small. It's kind of odd that it fits because it is two whole sizes smaller then what I usually wear.

8. Yojimbo has made 300 blogs. Sweet tap dancing Christ, I've been here longer then him and I am not even close to that. Speaking of which, go read it. It's on a subject that has been discussed several times in the C-blogs but it's still bloody relevant because people still insist on being dumbasses. That, and it is well written.

9. Jim Sterling can't spell Mississippi

10. The plot of 2006's Sonic is fucking hilarious.
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