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10 things I learned this week: Microsoft screws up again, but in a good way Edition

It seems I can't go a week without somebody on Destructoid complaining about their Xbox 360 and RRODs. And it borders on annoying some times, especially when some people just bitch about it for the hell of it. But I'm getting away from what I am here to talk about.

Awhile ago I was running low on money when my XBL subscription ran out so I bought a one month subscription to tie me over until I could scrounge up some money.

That was 3 months ago.

I haven't renewed my subscription.

I STILL have Xbl gold service.

I don't know how it happened but through some glitch or mess up with Xbox Live I have received 2 months free. And I still have it. At first I thought they were charging me without me knowing, but I haven't received any notifications about charges being made to my credit card. So while some people were calling the Wahmbulance because of one of Microsoft's screwups, I was playing online free thanks to an entirely different screwup.

It is probably really stupid for me to make this known but considering that not very many people read my blog, I find it very unlikely that somebody working for Microsoft will read it this week. And if somebody does read it who works for Microsoft than I would rather they figure this out now instead of 6 months from now and then make me pay for all those months (which would piss me off considerably since I shouldn't have to pay for their mistake).


1. Quake Wars is a very silly game. In particular the noises that the strogg make whenever you aren't shooting. Why the hell did they do that? It's kind of hard to concentrate on the game when your character sounds like he is giving birth.

2. Rambo is an awesome movie. I may be overexagerrating but damn it, I like violence and this movie is incredibly gory.

3. Gamer Girls dislike Unstoppable Juggernaut.

4. My computer is suicidal. You know that computer that I claimed Topher kept destroying with his Gypsy magic? Yeah, it just stopped working. But wait, How am I typing this? WOOOOOO!!!*

(cue X-files theme music)

5. Wardrox has found the porn

6. Wardrox's father gave birth to him. So does that mean he is some sort of butt baby?

7. BlindsideDork has a massive boner for the Turok series.

8. According to Banj Physics, it is impossible for there to be a Batman in real life.

9. The Rick Roll has been replaced with being Montgomeried. Also, 007 is a bastard.

10. People who use super-ego in their writing are pretentious dicks.
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