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10 things I learned this week: If I ever see another Rick Roll post I am going to club a baby seal Edition

I don't think I have ever hated something as much as I do Rick Rolling right now. Seriously, it's not funny. At all. I've seen Carlos Mencia skits funnier than Rick Rolling.

If you are going to Rick Roll, at least be clever about it like Topher was with the RetroforceGo post. Embedding a fucking video in a blog after you said "DUR, YOU JUST GOT RICK-ROLLED,DUR" doesn't work because the people need to press on the goddamn video in order to watch it dumbasses.

-This has been a public service announcement by fetus's against stupid memes

Also, my T.Rex blog getting on the highlights and Yojimbo's top picks officially makes me better than you. Don't argue with that logic. No seriously, don't . I've had a shitty week and I need this damn it!

1. April Fools day on Destructoid sucks if your photobucket account isn't working.

2. Kryptonite doesn't like survival horror.


3. Microsoft support still thinks my GT is aborto thefetus.

4. Bad Taste is an amazing movie. For you that don't know, it's the first movie Peter Jackson made. It's basically 2 hours of New Zealand accents killing aliens with chainsaws, hunting knives, machine guns, sledgehammers, Rocket Launchers, magnums, bare fists, etc.

5. T.Rex's are even more badass than I originally thought

6. My knowledge of useless information can be used to get on the community highlights.

7. Everything can be blamed on Wardrox.

8. Sevink is apparently Knives from Bizarro world

9. That people from America can't get on the podcastle. Jerks. You destroyed my dream, I hope you're happy ya bastards >:(

10. I've been using text smiley faces way too much as of late. I blame Wardrox.
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