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10 things I learned this week: Extreme Boredom Edition

Rather boring week this week. With school out, and being unable to find a job, I haven't really had much to do. Mainly I have just been in IRC and downloading shit onto my computer (like steam). I have also been drawing alot which lead me to working on a Destructoid wallpaper which I will have up soon in mah blog. So keep a look out for that.

Also, my start of the affair made front page!


Now let's get right down to it......

1. Audiosurf=Jesus. This was the first game I downloaded off of steam and sweet tap dancing christ is it excellent. I see why people were so obssessed with it weeks ago.

2. People in IRC do not share my hatred of Adam Corrolla.

Come on people! His involvement in Drawn Together alone should condemn him to the 8th circle of Hell, let alone that terrible talk show he had on Comedy Central a few years back.

3. Ninja Gaiden 2 is super sexy. I rented it this week and it is amazing. Which surprises me because I didn't like the first one at all.

4. Vexed Alex doesn't understand why I don't have a better T.V. Meh, If I ever got a large sum of money there are other things I would rather spend my money on then a T.V.

5. Giving Christian Bale negative karma automatically gets you kicked from IRC.

6. Gears of War multiplayer is no longer fun to play. I rented Gears to play multiplayer again since my copy no longer works and the only people playing it now are the really good cocky douchebags. And it is hard to get back into being good at Gears MP when I am constantly frustrated with these assholes. I guess I am stuck with waiting until Gears 2 to come out so I can play with people who are actually fun to play with.

7. Chad hates aliens.

8. Hitogoroshi is going to Comic-Con! HOORAY!

9. The Bez is on Samit's shit list.

10. Jim really likes Pokemon.
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