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10 things I learned this week: Death of the forums Edition


Chad's and Colette's discussion about pachinko in last weeks episode of RFGO! reminded me of this. Nick Cage is fucking crazy

I really don't have much to say before the main point of this blog because nothing really exciting happened this week. Okay, there was that hacker/loss of the forums thing but I really don't have anything to say about that. At least not anything that I can't say in short bullet note form. You probably would think that I would have something to say after how I displayed last week how easy it is to piss me off but I really don't.


1. The forums got its couch fucked.

2. 4chan is a godforsaken hellhole filled with assholes. That is assuming that what I heard is true and the person who posted the passwords of all those members of Destructoid did so on 4chan. If that wasn't the case then.........

Actually, 4chan is a hellhole no matter if it is true whether or not that was where the passwords were posted*

3. Jim got his fire alarm fixed

4. Having an entire multiplayer game filled with dtoiders in L4D is a complete clusterfuck

5.Tsunamikitsune likes himself some Magic cards. That's good, that gives me another person to play when the XBLA game comes out. That also gives me another ass to kick.

6. Blehman misses the forums.

7. UnstoppableJuggernaut really likes himself some L4D.

8. The capcom film business boss is one cocky motherfucker. Come on, the stories in western movies are underdeveloped? Seriously? and Japanese movies are better? Maybe it's just the Japanese movies I've seen but I haven't seen anything whose quality is any better then American movies. Or any worse for that matter.

9. I need to listen to the Destructoid podcasts more often.

10. I want the forums to come back, if for no other reason than to shut everybody up.

*take into account when reading this that I didn't look into this crisis at all and I have a somewhat skewed perspective of what happened. I just assume that what I was told is correct and 4chan was where the shit hit the fan. Sure, I probably could have checked by going to 4 chan but I haven't gone to that website in a long ass time and I would like to keep that winning streak going
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