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10 things I learned this week: Aborto's thoughts on the recent bannings Edition

So it seems there was a quite a bit of drama this week. I am of course talking about the banning of Heretic and then the banning of Reaprar, Kyosuke Nanbu and Sho Nuff as a result. And I as well as several other Dtoiders have been discussing it in the forums and instead of making another post in there I would like to express myself here.

Now, if any of you saw my comments in the forums you would think I agree with the banning of Reaprar. That however isn't the case. What I was trying to say there was that I can understand Niero's reasoning behind banning him. Do I think he should have been banned? Not really. This is mainly because I hadn't seen Reaprar be a douchebag in awhile. Shit, I don't even think I have seen Reaprar on Destructoid at all in several weeks. And I think it's relatively shitty that he has been banned even though he hasn't really done anything ban worthy in awhile. If this was done months ago I wouldn't have questioned it at all but it seems he had cleaned up his act recently.

Heretic Is a different story. Where I think Reaprar shouldn't have been banned I really can't come up with a stance on him. Some of his posts seemed to have been flamebait and definitely caused flame wars but I didn't think he was THAT bad. It's odd, part of me thinks he should have been banned but part of me doesn't. It would help me make a decision if I knew exactly what it was he said to Niero in Unstoppable Juggernaut's blog to get him banned. I arrived late which means he was banned and I couldn't see what he said. All I have to say is it was incredibly stupid for him to pick a fight with the head honcho of the website he frequents.

Sho Nuff and Kyosuke Nanbu however, I definitely agree with. Sho Nuff was new but it was apparent that he was a troll and he wasn't going to change his ways. And Nanbu, well, Nanbu was an obvious choice. Every single post he made was negative and he would only come out of the woodwork to insult people or belittle their opinions. Banning them was a smart move on Niero's part or whoever it was who put down the banhammer.

1. Everybody on Destructoid really likes hugs. That being said, I don't want to hear the word hug uttered in the Cblogs ever again. Enough is enough for Christs sake.

2. Prototype is looking really sexy. I definitely want it now and I am looking forward to its release.

3. Ghostbuster's makes everything better. Even Advent Children.

4. Mxypltk is a master debater.

5. EGM is officially dead. I have to admit it's sad seeing as it used to be my favorite game magazine. But I can't get that worked up over it because in my opinion the magazine had been going downhill for a long time. Their reviews in particular since they are more like three people bickering amongst one another then an actual review.

I hope this doesn't effect Broken Pixels.

6. Clayface is my new favorite Supervillian. I got Batman: The complete animated series as a late Christmas present annd I forgot how badass Clayface was in it.

7. Blehman is saddened by the lack of split-screen in recent games.

8. Blindsidedork has bad taste in movies. The Descent was a good movie you bastard!

All jokes aside, I do agree with him that a sequel is a stupid idea.

9. Chad watches the Real World. Shame on you Chad.

Also he likes pink lizards. Who can blame him though, that thing was friggin adorable!

10. Batman is the best character in Mortal Kombat vs. DC. And I base this strictly on that one move where he falls from the sky on top of his enemies, which is friggin hilarious.
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