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A new pair of underwear appeared in front if my shack this morning. If it was used I'd understand but it's new with the tape on it. I don't know why it's there or what it means but it's upsetting and the implications of its presence terrify me.


This graffiti has been on this bridge for at least a month. Maybe they're leaving it up so the public knows the truth.


Amazon misdelivered 2 packages to me. I told them on customer support chat and they said they already issued refunds and I could keep them. So I opened the box and this is what I got. Not too bad all things considered.


All my Christmas shopping done! Mom, dad, best friend, and boss have their presents bought and paid for. Getting this done early really takes a load off.


Just saw an inspirational commercial about a paralyzed child succeeding in life and it made me realize that paralyzed children are basically veal for cannibals.


Bought some cheap games for my PSVR. Don't know if they were on sale for deal week but none cost more than $15.


I'm excited for the new RE3make so I figured I'd post this for anyone who wants to get caught up on the series. It's a full story REcap that includes non-canon parts. Just so you know it's 7 parts long and this first part is by far the shortest.


Our new cat Frodo has been in the house for a few hours and after a little exploration he's decided he likes his carrier for now. It has his old bedding in it so it smells familiar. So we'll hang out on the couch while I play Pokémon Sword.




Ate dinner and now I'm hanging out with my parents dogs. Pug is Coco, GSD is Olek. Other GSD is sleeping in her crate.


Got my PSVR from GameStop already. Ordered it Sunday at 12AM. Time to set it up and start playing with it. Also, if any of you deviants can tell me how to get porn on it I'd be grateful. For educational purposes only of course.


After 3 years of intending to, I finally remembered to buy advent calendars for my housemate and I. He gets dinosaurs and I get Mario.


Finally got a hook so my vintage Donkey Kong plushie can stand up in his barrel. (Please don't rotate the pic again Qtoid)


Bought myself the $200 PSVR 5 game bundle from GameStop's early Black Friday sale. I'm hoping it comes with physical copies of the 5 games but I'm suspecting a code. By the way, GameStop has a bunch of deals early if you want them.


I'm seriously considering buying that Target PSVR Black Friday deal. It's $200 and comes with 5 games including Skyrim, RE7, and Astrobot. I only hope it's online.


If you're playing Jedi Fallen Order return to the first planet after getting force push. There's a game changing upgrade there that I won't spoil but is awesome. Plus at least 2 health stim upgrades.


Today is the start of Festival of Lights at the zoo and my housemate/cousin/best friend who works there is working late every night until January. So I'm barely going to see him for 1.5 months. Needless to say I'm sad.


Damnit. I ordered Freedom Panet for Switch and it's being delivered to my old apartment. I really hope UPS Surepost sees my change of address and it gets delivered correctly. USPS handles the last leg of the delivery so it should get caught.


Watched episode 1 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian and it may have rekindled my lost love of Star Wars that Disney snuffed out. It's legit amazing. I haven't felt this way since Clone Wars. 10 out of 10, can't wait for episode 2.


Fuck it, I'm deleting Twitter. It makes me mad every time I use it. I didn't have it this weekend for fear of Death Stranding spoilers and didn't miss it. The app is gone and my account is deactivated. Nothing of value was lost.


I was having a discussion about sniper rifles in games and trying to figure out the first game that had the world visible in the scope when aiming from the hip. Earliest I remember is Halo 2 but there had to be one before that. First console and PC game?


I'm kind of hating Death Stranding so far. Traversal can be pretty frustrating when laden, the menus are poorly done, and why they hell is the button to make Sam scream and give away his position the same as the map button on almost every other PS4 game?


Got my BB Pod from the Death Stranding collectors edition. Can of Monster for scale. Now I'm off to start the game!


My upstairs neighbor is moving out and left us a few things including a shelf made from a barrel which we plan to paint like a DK barrel. Of course I had to go on eBay and get this little guy to sit on top of it.


Finally got some free booze from the brewery I work at.


A couple of Smash Mii fighter costumes may have leaked and they indicate that two extremely fucking awesome characters might be coming including my most wanted one. Pic in the comments if you want to avoid spoilers.


Decided to grow a bit of facial hair for fall/winter. Also I spent 20 minutes taking selfies a couple days ago and didn't get any that were usable then I took this single one today and it was perfect. #selfietoid


I had a REALLY fucking weird dream last night. I dreamed I was Glenn Beck's daughter (I'm male irl) and he was bonding with me by helping me build a Nintendo Labo kit. It was totally wholesome and nice until I woke up and actually thought about it.


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