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An offer I couldn't refuse...

After my last post complaining about the hidden Xbox 360 costs, I found a deal I couldn't refuse at

Xbox 60GB (w/ Kung Fu Panda & LEGO Indiana Jones)
Tom Clancy's End War

13 months XBL Gold

Total with shipping came out to be about $312. That's essentially getting XBL Gold and End War for free.

I did get a Jasper unit, so I'm hoping I will be able to avoid the RRoD fiasco. So far so good.

My gamertag is dogmaticatheist if anyone wants to add me.

Also, I'm selling my Wii and on eBay to recoup some costs. Here's the link if anyone is interested:

So far so good. I want to pickup Gears 2 at soon.

Anyway, if you were a 360 hold out like me, the deal at is too good to pass up. Plus you will get a
Jasper unit, which will hopefully prevent RRoD.
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