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Do I still belong here?

I guess It's been over 5 years I've been lurking almost exclusively here. Although work gets in the way, I still check the site several times a day.   A lot of drama has happened I stayed more or less indifferent to it all. This i...


1+ year as a PC gamer

Although the SNES was not my first console, I always think of it first when I remember my early days in video games. I also remember that my first game, besides Super Mario World, was Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts. I still haven't beat it (I ...


Nintendo, here's my list of demands

Dear Nintendo,  By now you realize you're in my hands.  With my purchase being the difference between failure and success, I think you'll find my list of demands to be very reasonable.  Be warned: Failure to comply will result in a few...


E for Effort: Fable 2

[Warning: OMG SPOILERS!] This is the story of my most regrettable purchase ever. I didn't plan revisiting any of this, but I couldn't resist this month's theme. Actually, I shiver at the very thought of Fable 3. I honestly hope it goes wel...


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