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Coffin Season

As I opened the newspaper this morning and started rolling through the world news, I wasn't shocked, I wasn't even surprised at the things I was seeing. It's just numb these days. "Earthquake in Chile kills 300 hundred." "Nope, now it's 400...


Why does everybody hate EA?

As the continuing fallout of the "Indie games are Art and Fun games are Crap" Jim Sterling article, I wanted to discuss something related. What is the problem with having a big studio who makes multi-million dollar games? Sure we all like t...


The Metal Gear is SOLID.

I wanna make this short. No images, nothing. Let's tell a story: Everyone seems to be pretty angry about the evil morons of videogame industry who create the big titles. Apparently they're really cruel bastards who slay puppies in their d...


The Future: The Good and the New

Maybe it is 2030 and we're looking at the trailer and release date for the new and groundbreaking God Of War 19: How Kratos Fought his way out of his mothers womb. Ok. So it's not new, it's probably not groundbreaking. It's just another 3rd...


Dude! Fix your Feed!

I don't know how many of you use Google Reader to get your daily freshly baked dtoidment. I certainly do, and while the current format makes me happy because I don't have to click anything, it makes me mad because I know how hard it is to k...


The Future: RTS

I'm actually surprised that no one blogged about this yet. What with all the fuss about the dying pc gaming community and stuff like that. Also, what the hell is SFW/NSFW? I know it's short for something really disgusting, but help a foreig...


Adjectives (and games)

I don't really know what surprised me the most after my first little blog: the fact that people actually read it, or the fact that I read what they said about it. Thanks for the feedback anyways. Suddenly it makes you interested to know wha...


Love/Hate: Blockbuster

It's funny to actually start something. Like a blog in Destructoid. Although I have been following it for quite a while and have wanted to do this pretty much ever since I read my first Love/hate. Or was it the Memory Card? Anyway, the hard...


About Zulkyrone of us since 3:17 PM on 01.22.2010

I'm from Brazil. A country from South America some of you might have heard about someday. Or not. It's a lovely place with many beautiful women and a lovely warmth. Actually, it's much like the U.S., there's a little less money, the women still like rich people and the heat is insufferable if you actually live here and is not spending 5 days on the shoreline. Whatever.
I study Social Sciences (A.k.a. Engineering dropout who gave up on financial success and instead went on to suck at life), and I really like it. My point of views usually differ from the capitalist moral value center, so bear with me if you're actually interested in anything I said, which you are if you've actually read this.
I'm 1.67 meters tall (that's 5'7", you moron!), white skinned, green eyes, blonde hair. Not that you actually care. I don't, that's why I don't post a picture.

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