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BUSTED! Wait, not really. Sorry

Ever read comments over a controversial piece of text? OF COURSE YOU DID. You're at destructoid. Home of some of the most ubiquitous haters this holy internets of ours has to offer. As well of some of the more baiting examples of critical writing ever seen. (Don't hide Jim, I'm looking at you!)

Oh well, funny moments happen all the time, but I especially like the ones where someone who can speak less english than a newborn, tongless tasmanian devil having a seizure comes up and shouts: THERE! You're doing it wrong!

Man, what a world it must be for them. 12 years old and he can find flaws in grown ups arguments. They're participating in their share of virtual reality. They're seeing the world through a critique's lens... wait. No. Not really, they're just being jerks and having no clue about what they're saying. Like this one.

He didn't say "Sorry, I missed the point entirely, I'll just return to the bottomless pit of depression and self-loathing I live in, just beside that basement in parents house at the age of 30." But hey, it's not a perfect world. Is it?
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