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Another 10 bucks of bullshit

Thanks to our much beloved activision, now we all can have the pleasure to play Modern Warfare 2 on the pc paying 10 bucks extra. So yeah, fuck you Activision, at least the other retail companies aren't trying to fuck us up like that. You see, EA made a step in the right direction selling Bad Company 2 for the 49,99 dollars it deserves. Great game.

Now, if you excuse me, I'm gonna preorder Splinter Cell: conviction from a nice retailer who will charge me 49,99 for a nice stealth/action game...


What the fuck just happened? Did the flood gates were opened and I just did not notice? Actually I did. Back in December I wrote a piece about the cost of games and how the fact that Modern Warfare 2 was a success sale on PC even with the high price point, it allowed retailers to get the dicks up their mouths and understand we will pay more for the same, even for less, as long as they advertise enough to make us believe WE need to take part in this. Pretty sad.

With that said, I'm gonna go to Wonderland now, a place where I can buy two games for 23 dollars and have tons of fun. Maybe even more than with Conviction, which I now think is overrated as much as it is overpriced.

I am, of course, talking about Beat Hazard, who is 25% Off on steam, going for 7,49 and Lead and Gold, who sells for 14,99 and is a ton of fun. Gonna buy it now.

Holy fuck Trine is 5.00 bucks on Steam!

And thank god for this diverse industry!

The pont of this is to illustrate how much WE have the power to decide who wins in the videogame world. As much as playing Mario and saving the princess changes the fate of the Mario World, the handful of bucks we dish out to play some games can make or break this industry. Not only this, we can shape its path in the right direction. By choosing beat Hazard and Lead and Gold over Splinter Cell: Conviction (I think you should do the same) I'm not just saving up, I'm doing POLITICS.

So I advise everyone else to do the same, trade your bullshit 60 dollar Banana Sundae for a few cups of simple Ice Cream who will probably give you a lot more fun, although at a cost of a lot less flair. Choose your poison carefully, it's not just your pocket that will hurt, it may be the future too.

Now do yourself a favor and buy Trine for 5,00 dollars. It's SOOOO worth it.
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